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After 314, Part 4 of 6

Disclaimer: Legal stuff, don't own characters, haven't made any money, this is for entertainment purposes, no profit earned, lawyers go away. –kisses-

Emails are welcome as are honest reviews. I respond to all correspondence.

Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past episodes and especially BTVS: Primeval.

Notes: Story number One in the Spanderverse-universe. This is VERY Riley-centric. This story has 6 chapters.

Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline. Scene or POV switches are handled with a string of o’s.

Thanks to the authors of Fanfiction, wherever you may post. It’s probable that I’ve read at least one of your stories somewhere. I apologize for recycling concepts inadvertently from the plenitude of stories I’ve read.



Spanderverse: After 314

Ch. 4 - The Infirmary


Note: Naughty language ahead. Read responsibly.



Graham led Specialists Tucker Griswold, Barney Franklin and Davey Gibbs through a door with a large blue plaque on the wall next to it: 'Medical Wing' it stated. Actually, 'wing' was overstating it as it was hardly more than an emergency clinic designed to stabilize until an EVAC could be initiated. It did have plenty of pain pills though, as well as some antibiotics (useless to demons, he'd assumed) and more importantly for this mission, a small blood bank. If there was anywhere in this part of the Initiative for vampires to be, that would be it.


Graham led the way inside, having the rest follow him in single file. They first entered a hallway in antiseptic white… wall, floor tiles, doors… all of it white. The overhead fluorescents were only partially functional making the hallway seem more claustrophobic than it would normally.


Above his head was the angry buzzing of the lights that weren't currently working. The occasional flickering was grating at his taut nerves. It was a short hallway leading to a door which was partially ajar. Graham whispered back to the men behind him, having them separate themselves a little bit from each other. Readying his weapon, he crept forward.


Using the muzzle of his automatic rifle, he pushed the door inward to find a mess. The room had been torn apart, like rioters after their sports team loses had been through. Plastic bottles were strewn around the entire room. Pills were all over the floor, spilled on shelves and flung from one corner to another.


He and his men entered quickly, but quietly as they could. There were tablets breaking under their boots with each footfall. The room was relatively large, allowing them all to spread out in the room. Everything remained still… the room otherwise empty. As Graham idly looked over the shelves at the vandalism, Franklin moved to the door on the other side of the room. According to the quick briefing Graham had given them on their way across the expansive staging area they'd cross through, beyond was a hallway with half a dozen exam rooms waiting for them. The door had a small, thick paned window sitting at head height. Taking a quick look, he saw a woman lying on the floor.


"Nurse, by the look," he thought to himself. He studied her from his position, but didn't notice any gross injuries.


Behind and to his right he heard Gibbs. "Funny," Gibbs said, "Someone's a comedian. Not a very good one though."


As everyone directed their attention to the right of the room, Gibbs was looking up at a wall. They must have had to climb a shelving unit to get so high. Up near the ceiling, written in blood, was: "People are neat, they make such a treat". It was a reddish-brown color and there were flakes missing from here and there, but the message was clear.


Griswold said to the room, "Please tell me we're going to kill these fuckers."


Graham gave the affirmative, then ushered them back toward the next door, arranging them again into single file.


Taking a quick look through the window, he also saw the nurse. Her name had been Mandy Jenkins. She'd been sweet on Graham and he engaged in some harmless flirting. He didn't want to encourage her too much, but he couldn't break the military's 'don't ask, don't tell' policy to let her know she was barking up the wrong tree. He remembered how sweet her laugh had been and felt a little pang of sadness.


Of course, there are plenty of things to feel sad about in here. Not least of which is Forrest. Graham had been a little put out that Riley had sent him to medical instead of where the 314 Labs, and therefore, Forrest's remains were. He felt that, as friends, Riley and he should be the ones to investigate that area and to mark the remains for the retrieval team. He knew Riley was just trying to spare his feelings, but he always wondered during situations like this if it was because Riley and he were friends, or if it was some subtle homophobic thing.


He put his mind back on his current task and tried the door handle. It opened easily enough and allowed him through. He took a few moments to whisper back to his team, "Griswold, exam 1. Gibbs, exam 2. I'll take 3 and Franklin… you’re number four."


Someone, possibly Franklin, he wasn't used to their voices yet whispered back regarding the nurse.


"In a minute. I don't want us getting jumped while our attention is divided." And then they were moving forward. He heard two exam doors opening behind him; then quickly shutting.


He took a look into exam three to see it was empty. Pulling his head out and shutting the door, he looked to his left to see Franklin moving deeper into his assigned room. As he moved to join the Specialist, he gave a new set of orders to Gibbs and Griswold.


"You two, check Mandy… I mean, check the nurse. Then, proceed on her other side and check rooms five and six." He heard their 'yes, sirs' but was already moving into exam room four.


Inside he found Franklin looking for a pulse at the carotid of Dr. Danielson, the on-site medico. Franklin turned back to Graham and gave a quick shake of the head. Graham had figured as much and was already handing a wafer over to him.


"Holy wafer," he explained, "Place it down his throat. If he's been turned, he'll go poof when he wakes up." Graham then turned around and started his way down toward Nurse Jenkins.


On the other side of her were standing Gibbs and Griswold.


It was Tucker who replied to his unasked question, "Nothing in the rooms. She's history."


As Graham knelt down to do the wafer thing, he nodded his head toward the end of the hallway. The two soldiers turned and moved up the hall, being joined a few seconds later by Franklin, returning from his task. As they reached the second set of doors, Gibbs opened it and went through. The others followed as Graham quick-stepped to catch up to them.


On the other side of the door, Graham saw only Franklin standing waiting for him. "Gibbs is in X-Ray, Griswold's looking in Microscopy."


"Ok. You want Blood Gasses or the Hard Drugs room?"


"Oh, I guess I'll do the hard drugs. Not literally, of course," he added dryly.


"Of course," Graham smiled back.


As he headed into the Blood Gasses lab, he could hear Franklin swearing under his breath. Then there came the sounds of a heavy boot kicking the 'Secured Medications' door, which was of course, locked.


It was only a minute or so later that he re-entered the hallway to join the two G's waiting for Franklin. Franklin himself could be heard grunting and dragging something from inside the room. Graham was about to call inside to see if he needed help, when Franklin appeared in the doorway. Behind him, being dragged by a leg was a vampire. The bony ridges and fangs were clearly visible, but it was obvious the creature was deeply unconscious.


"Looky what I found dad. Can I keep him? Can I… Can I," Franklin said in an excited little-boy voice.


"What the hell," asked Graham.


"Looks like somebody was greedy with the morphine."


Graham snorted in amusement, but then a thought occurred to him. "Hey, how'd he get in with the door locked?"


"Oh, that. Turned out it wasn't locked, so much as blocked," replied Franklin in his laconic manner, "Apparently, he wasn't in the mood to share with the other kids," he glanced down at the unconscious, apparently drugged beast, "Bogart-er."


The men had a quick laugh, but Graham sobered up again. Now he was presented with a small dilemma. They could leave the thing here for pick up later or drag its stupid ass all the way back to the elevator and haul it to the surface. Of course, they could also just kill the bastard now and be done with it. He had no doubt Riley's girl would just use her 'pointy stick' as Walsh referred to it and ash it now. However, he also felt that bringing a subject back for further study might look good to the folks in D.C. Maybe it would help to sway them in favor of keeping their unit in the demon fighting and/or collecting gig.


Nah, he thought, Dust the fucker. With that he pulled a simple stake from his boot and plunged it into the thing's chest. It turned to ash in front of everyone, all of them but Graham showing amazement on their features. "And that, gentleman, is how you fight the Sub-T menace."


"Wow! That was so cool," shouted an excited Gibbs.




End Chapter 04


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