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Chapter 6 (of 6) of Tensions

Disclaimer: Legal stuff, don't own characters, haven't made any money, this is for entertainment purposes, no profit earned, lawyers go away. –kisses-

POV: Shifts Perspective

Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past episodes and Spanderverse: stories.

Notes: Seventh story in the Spanderverse-universe, following “Preludes”. Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline.

Thanks to the authors of Fanfiction, wherever you may post. It’s probable that I’ve read at least one of your stories somewhere. I apologize for recycling concepts inadvertently from the plentitude of stories I’ve read.




Ch 6- A Tarnished Silver Lining


Buffy traversed the open field of the cemetery, her eyes focusing on the dark shadows prevalent because of the tall monuments and crypt buildings. Her instincts were warning her that bloodsuckers were afoot and she was listening intently for the slightest noise to give her a direction in which to head.


Giles would be so proud, Buffy thought with a touch of sarcasm, I’m honing. I’m a honing fool.


The sounds of a struggle and earth being tilled told her she was close and she sped up her approach. She’d been waiting all night for a little action and finally her boring patrol was paying off. Well, there was that little interruption near the warehouse district, but that hadn’t been what she was hoping to find. This was going to be much more like it.


As she came around a particularly gruesome display of grief (of some god-ugly gargoyle thingie), she found two vampires staring down at the earth as a third attempted to break through. She approached quietly and stealthily until she was within ten feet of the demons. Pulling out a stake in each hand, she crossed her arms and waited. The fang crew didn’t even glance around themselves as they waited for their trio to be complete.


Minutes later, the third of the vampires had finally managed to get his upper body out of his grave. His companions hissed at him to hurry his slow ass out. Buffy used the time to judge how much of a fight they’d be. The one just risen would be a cakewalk. One of his other companions, another guy, had been in his mid-twenties from what she could see. He sported his human face and had been handsome in a WB-Pretty Boy sorta-way. He was muscled, but relatively new to the vampire game. She dismissed him as a threat. That left Mr. Hisser, who she judged had been around a bit longer. Certainly not nearly as long as Angel or Spike, which meant if she wasn’t very careful this fight was going to be a done deal before she could work up a decent sweat.


As the digger finally emerged fully and began to stand up, he caught sight of Buffy behind his comrades. He instantly vamped and growled at her. The other two of his companions belatedly turned around and noticed the little blonde girl in the leather outfit.


The Pretty Boy guy also went into fang mode, while the eldest of them had already been in game face. Mr. P-B smiled predatorily at her, all but licking his chops. Elder though, only growled and began to back away, a dint of fear in his yellow eyes. Obviously, he recognized the Slayer.


“You boys really shouldn’t be out so late. Sunnydale’s not very safe at night, you know. Especially when you’re up to no good in a cemetery.”


“Stupid girl,” just-dug-up said. “You’re nothing but an appetizer with feet.”


Buffy unfolded her arms letting them check out her wood stakes. She smiled at them, her own look as predatory as theirs. “The expression, moron, is ‘happy meal with legs’. Don’t they teach you anything?”


Mr. Pretty Boy charged her then and as she went into a jump kick and knocked him to the ground, she saw Just-Dug-Up directly behind. Elder stayed well back and inched away, watching her with slit eyes that burned with anger.


Damn it. If he takes off, Buffy thought, I’ll have to take these two out without any sort of fun at all.


Blocking a wild swing from J-D-U, she returned a wicked punch. As he fell to the side, Pretty-Boy grabbed her around the waist, lifting her into the air. She head butted him once and as he let her fall, she kneed him in the bollocks, as Spike would have said.


When P-B doubled over, she swung a stake and nailed him in the temple. Yelling in pain, blood running down his face, he fell to the lawn. J-D-U was just getting up himself when she plowed a sneakered foot into his face, sending him back to the ground.


Ignoring the two she ran for the Elder. Not that he’d be much more of a challenge, but she needed something out of this night, and the two subordinates were just too easy.




Riley was crossing Restfield when he heard the sounds of Buffy grunting and bodies hitting the ground. He smiled with the thought of watching her move as she fought. She was glorious when she was in the thick of things and he hurried so he wouldn’t miss her doing what she did best.


As he came around onto the site of her current battle, he noticed that there were two other vamps watching her and a third trading punches. Riley rushed one of them, staking it before it even realized that a new person had joined the party. The other one, covered from head to foot in dirt, snarled at him and engaged.


Buffy had just taken a blow to the face and was laughing lightly at the vampire.


“Nice one. But try this…,” she said as she gave him a solid kick to the stomach, knocking him at least five feet and onto his back.


He recovered quickly enough, rolling onto his feet and assuming a defensive stance. “You’re pretty cocky, Slayer. That’s going to cost you.”


Buffy was just about to voice a snappy retort, and possibly break a few of his ribs, when he suddenly gasped in shock. Even as she took a footstep in his direction, he crumbled to dust and blew away on the light breeze. Standing behind where he’d been, stood Spike smirking.


She blew out a breath in frustration and turned toward the other two younger vampires. Maybe if they hadn’t taken off on her, she could still get a workout. Unfortunately, she found only one of them still there, and that one quickly burst into ash as Riley staked it.


She started walking toward Riley, trying not to be irritated with him. He was wearing a goofy grin and was obviously happy that he could help her out. Of course, she hadn’t needed or wanted any help.


“Why do I bother showing up, anymore?” she said to herself.


Despite her not showing one iota of attention to Spike, he apparently felt the need to follow her. She heard his lighter click and the air around her filled with tobacco smoke.


“Do you mind, Cancer-boy? Some of us like fresh air.”


Spike quirked his eyebrow and smirked more, a thing she really hated about him. “Could show a little bit more appreciation; I did just help you out there, after all.”


“I wasn’t asking. Believe it or not, I was kinda handling everything just fine. You know, since I’m the Slayer, and all.”


“No need to be twitchy about it, love. Plenty of big, bad, beasties about to share.”


By this time, she’d met Riley and gave him a short kiss before turning back to Spike.


“Can’t you haunt some other town, already? I’m warning you Spike, you don’t stop interfering in my kills and you’re likely to end up as one.”


“And gee, wouldn’t that just be a shame,” Riley added with a smirk of his own directed at the chipped vampire.


Riley was busy glaring at the punk-vamp, but Spike caught the glare directed at the commando from Buffy.


“Looks like I might not be the only one crashing the Princess’ night out. What’s the matter, Slayer? Soldier-boy stepping on your toes lately?”


Buffy’s answer was a fist to his face, knocking him to the earth.


“You know what, Spike? Every time you open your mouth, I feel a little less guilty about staking your helpless ass.”


“’m not helpless, you dint.”


“Then why don’t you fang me right now? Look, my neck is so tender and vulnerable. And I bet my blood is extra hot after trading blows with that vampire.”


Spike groaned, his real face morphing into view. “You are one cold bitch.”


Buffy’s answer to this, was a laugh. Grabbing Riley’s hand (he having been smirking the entire time over the exchange) she headed for the cemetery’s exit.


As Riley and she passed the small groups of people leaving coffee shops and the movie theatre, Riley cleared his throat a little.


“So, was I, uh, ‘interfering’ tonight?”


Buffy shrugged and gave his hand a gentle squeeze. “Not really. I mean, I’m just…,” she sighed, “I was kinda trying to work out some frustrations. And you can ask Faith, a non-Slaying Slayer is a very cranky Slayer. Well, you know, you could ask her if you visited her in prison. But the thing is she’s not always wrong when she talks about Slaying. I guess I’m just filled with tension, over mom and the daily headache that is a little sister and the Slaying is sorta my way of getting it off my shoulders. I’m sorry if I get a little snappy, it’s not you. I did mean every word to Spike, though. He’s giving me that special feeling that makes me want to introduce him to Mr. Pointy… again.”


“Well, I can understand how sometimes when you’re all set for a fight and then it gets yanked out from under you, you could be a little short tempered. I mean; all that adrenaline along with that whole destiny thing. Then Joe Schmoe comes along and ruins it all for you.”


Buffy stopped Riley short with her hand on his arm. “You don’t ruin anything for me.”


She leaned in and kissed him. “But I’m still feeling all antsy. We need to find something for me to kill.”


“I actually have some other way that you can work off all that tension,” Riley said, smiling.


After giving him an ‘I bet’ look, she shrugged her shoulders and accompanied him back to his apartment.




Two hours later, Riley was panting heavily, trying to catch his breath. He was dripping with sweat despite the cool breeze blowing in from the window. Buffy stretched languorously, carding her fingers through her damp hair.


Now, I’m feeling relaxed,” she sighed with pleasure.


“It was my pleasure,” he returned.


Buffy frowned as she looked over at him. “We do need to have a talk though. Xander’s said something weird is going on with your body or something. And how come you weren’t at work today?”


Riley smiled and gave her a short kiss. “Xander can be as much a drama queen as Giles sometimes. It’s nothing to be concerned about. In fact, it’s a good thing. You remember all those drugs and implants that Walsh was experimenting on us with. Well, I’m getting some bursts of strength. It doesn’t last too long yet, but I figure I’m gaining new powers. I’m kinda psyched about it.” Riley purposely didn’t mention the accompanying… discomfort… when one of his spells occurred.


“You’re sure? Maybe we should get you in for a physical or something?”


“I’m very sure. Believe me, nothing is wrong. Now, about work: Quinteros was being a real dickweed, so I quit. There are too many opportunities for someone with my skill sets to put up with a pencil-pushing weasel. Besides, I’d rather find a day job so I’m available for patrolling at night.”


“Well, if you’re sure that everything is fine…,” Buffy still looked a bit worried.


“It’s perfect lately. So, can I help you relax a bit more,” Riley asked playfully as his hands rubbed over Buffy’s stomach and up to her breasts.


She laughed easily, her concerns evaporating. After all, Riley was a grown man who knew what he was doing. “All this, uh, physical activity lately, and you still want more?”


“I’m just trying to keep up with that Slayer metabolism of yours. But listen; there is something I wanted to give you.” Riley smiled at her as he left the bed. “I mean, something else that I want to give you,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows.


Buffy propped herself against the head of the bed and giggled at his playfulness. She watched as his toned body crossed the small floor space to his dresser. On it was a picture of her, Giles and Riley all laughing into the camera. She grimaced just a little. She’d have to have that picture moved somewhere else.


He returned to the bed and presented her with a key. “I want you to be able to stop in whenever you want. And the next time Xander decides he wants to break in, maybe he’ll borrow it from you instead.”


Despite his attempt to keep things light, she found herself touched by his gesture. She smiled largely at him, her eyes a little bit misty. “Oh! I’d love to exchange keys with you, I just have to ask mom if it’s okay first. But I can have a spare made for my dorm room!”


He leaned over her and kissed her until he ran out of breath. “I don’t need a key, Buff. I just need you to know how serious I am about this relationship. I love you. More than anyone else I’ve ever dated. I think you might be my one.”


“You only ‘think’?” Buffy joked. She pulled him atop her with Slayer strength, catching him off guard. “You better start being sure, soldier!”


“Ma’am, yes ma’am,” he whispered.


Buffy dropped the key to the carpeted floor and grabbed his ass tight as he began making love to her again.



End Ch 6

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