March 7th, 2008


Sunnydale Antics, Chapter 2 of 5

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POV: Shifts Perspective

Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past episodes and Spanderverse: stories.

Notes: Story number fourteen in the Spanderverse-universe, following “Falling Apart”. Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline.

Takes place two weeks after Thanksgiving, and ergo, about two weeks more or less before Christmas.



Sunnydale Antics

Ch 2 – News


Glorificus stretched luxuriously to find her feet hanging off of the end of a cheap cot. She looked around, sneering at the cramped room she found herself occupying.


Poor Ben, she thought, I should really do something about this place. Maybe I could string lights or something to cheer it up a bit for him.


As she got up, she noted that she was wearing hospital scrubs and could feel dried human sweat against her radiant skin. She grimaced.


Really! I’m going to have to have my little helpers talk to him about showering and changing before he crashes.


As she exited the small room, Grenl fell to his knees before her. “Your Splendor! We have news, your Worship!”


“Uh-huh. Tell you what though, after I take a long bubble bath and you get me some mimosa, we can have a little chat.”


Grenl scurried in front of her calling out to his brethren that her Most Radiant wished to soak and then he dashed off to fix her a pitcher of mimosa. She smiled indulgently at the munchkins, feeling magnanimous for the moment.


Glancing out of the window, she found darkness and her own reflection in the glass pane. “Did I miss an apocalypse? Or is it just night?”


“It’s early morning, Your Grace. A bit after midnight,” Gronx informed her.


“Pity, I was sort of hoping for the apocalypse.”




In the Magic Box, Willow swayed over a small, table-top cauldron. Within it were dry ingredients of incense powders and glitter. She wore an excited, but drunken, smile.


Anya also grinned wildly with anticipation, “So, what now?”


“Now, we just sprinkle something with this glittery stuff and then I give the incantation. ‘Poof!’ No more Hellish Beast. I need something to test it on.”


Anya glanced around the shop, mentally pricing out the stock. There was no reason to send something expensive away, after all. After a few seconds of eyeing the shelves, she exclaimed in excitement and rushed to a small basket on one of the display tables.


“The rabbit’s feet,” questioned Willow.


“Why not? I don’t know why Giles even has them here. They give me the frickin’ creeps! Let’s send them far, far away!”


“Well, I think we only need one,” Willow conceded as she pulled out a purple foot.


“As far as I’m concerned you can send the whole basket. Good luck, my fanny!”


Willow placed the rabbit’s foot on the floor and then pulled Anya back. She took a handful of the magic glitter and began sprinkling it toward the little furry object. As she summoned the magical forces around and within her, she slurred out ‘Absentis Vobis’.


The grains of glitter glowed as brightly as the noon day sun, forcing the girls to turn away and cover their eyes. As things began to die down, they sneaked a peak and found the rabbit’s foot missing from its place on the floor. But its former place wasn’t empty; instead there stood a large bearded and green man with short, blunt horns jutting from its head.






“Who dares… Aud!?”


“Wait, you know, uh, him,” Willow stood flabbergasted.


“Aud! Of all the Nine Worlds, that I would meet you again, my Aud. Or should I just call you Anyanka, now?”


“Eeek! Send him back, send him back,” Anya screeched while hastily backing away.


“Who the hell is this guy? And pardon, but I didn’t really want to bring you here. Just let me say, ‘Recursat’!”


As Olaf stood grinning and swinging his hammer menacingly, Willow jumped back to join Anya. “Oops…, again.”


“Oops!? What do you mean oops? Send him back already!”


“Oh, Anyanka… always trying to get rid of me. Well, not this time! I’ve been too long without good ale! But, I’ll be back for you, later. And then I’ll sweep you off of your feet and to Gundershelm where you will be my barmaid for the rest of your misbegotten life, wench!”


Olaf stormed out of the Magic Box, his hammer clumsily smashing things all the way.


Just as Willow turned to Anya, they heard a mighty roar and a few screams from the street. “Okay, who the heck is he?”


“I knew your stupid spell would never work! And, oh god! Look at this mess. Giles is going to be back tomorrow! And now we have a Troll to stop!”




Buffy was just taking off her coat after a relatively quiet patrol. The Hellmouth was just too irresistible to some critters, so even after her rampage through town; there were always a few vampires who needed a personal lesson. She grimaced a bit as she swiped dust from her red leather pants and wondered how much it would cost to get them cleaned.


She’d also been by Willy’s to apologize for the way she treated him, but she found the corner bar looted, trashed and empty. A quick tour of the burned building she’d torched made her feel a pang of guilt, not to mention that she wasn’t looking forward to telling Giles all about it. But there was no way he was going to not ask why she’d colored her hair black. Once he saw the news reports that police were still looking for a blonde ‘person of interest’ in the arson, he’d put two and two together immediately and add them up to Buffy. It was going to be better if she just spilled it first. Especially since Xander would probably end up mentioning it on accident anyway.


The phone rang, startling her. Quickly grabbing the noise-maker before it could wake up the rest of the house, she gave a frowned sigh. It was only 2:40 in the morning; a call at this time of night was never good.


“Hello, Buffy speaking.”


“Oh, ah, hey Buffy!”




“Oh, yep; it’s just me. Just wacky side-kick, Willow.”


“Will? Are you alright? You sound a little drunk. And it’s really late, y’know? Or maybe early.”


“Will you just tell her to get to the Magic Box, already?!” Buffy easily recognized Anya’s voice in the background.


“So, uh, Buffy…, uh, if you’re not real busy right now? We could really use your help. There was this little incident during a magic spell I was working on and well, I’ll tell you about it when you get here, ‘k?”


As Buffy was caught between grimacing in worry and rolling her eyes in exasperation, she heard Anya again. “Tell her about the Troll! Who knows what Olaf is up to? Probably trying to pick up a fat bar maid somewhere. And Lord knows once he gets a pint or three into him, he’s going to be out of control!”


“A Troll? Your magic spell involves a Troll!?”


“Uh, see ya when you get here Buffy,” Willow quickly hung up on her.


“Ugh, I really hate magic,” Buffy sighed as she put her coat back on.




Spike lay in deep slumber having spent himself multiple times with his new toy. Although the programming of his companion wasn’t all he had hoped for (for one thing, she was way more cheery than the real thing), when it came to the sexual algorithms he’d asked for, her performance was top notch. And her endoskeleton had seen to it that he didn’t need to be gentle. Harmony hitting the road had turned out to be a good thing. The Buffybot was much, much better at catering to his needs.


The Buffybot’s eyes opened and she took in her surroundings. Next to her, lay Spike! A beaming smile crossed her features and lit up her sparkling eyes. He was so cute! And sexy! And trim! Right now though, he was deeply asleep, or possibly dead since there was no respiration coming from him. Well, either way, she needn’t disturb him.


She got up from the bed quietly and dressed in a pair of Spike’s jeans and a pullover T-Shirt. Picking up the boots that Warren had supplied to her, she quickly climbed the steps up into Spike’s mausoleum. Once she’d exited and took a few seconds to orient herself to her geographical position, she again beamed with a brilliant smile.


“Beware, creatures of the night,” she said chirpily, “The Slayer is on the case!”




End Chapter 02