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The Family We Choose, Chapter 3

Disclaimer: Legal stuff, don't own characters, haven't made any money, this is for entertainment purposes, no profit earned, lawyers go away. –kisses-

POV: Shifts Perspective

Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past episodes and Spanderverse: stories.

Notes: Story number twelve in the Spanderverse-universe, following “Hunting Our Needs”. Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline.

Thanks to the authors of Fanfiction, wherever you may post. It’s probable that I’ve read at least one of your stories somewhere. I apologize for recycling concepts inadvertently from the plentitude of stories I’ve read.

Note that this story begins the same night as Chapter 10 of ‘Hunting Our Needs’. In addition, it is the night before Tara’s 20th birthday and two weeks or so before Thanksgiving (November for our non-American audience).



The Family We Choose

Ch 3 – A Conversation with Lei-Ach


Buffy entered the Magic Box to the sound of the annoying bell above the door. She wished, not for the first time, that Giles would pull the thing down, but he kept telling her it was ‘quaint’ and a ‘touch of small town Americana’ from the past. She just thought he was stuck in Oldsville. Besides, shouldn’t he have something ‘small town British’ instead?


Stepping down into the main shop area, she found Willow sitting at their usual meeting table. She wondered a little jealously if Will ever went to class at all anymore. And yet somehow, she continued getting better grades than Buffy did, even when she was trying to study hard.


“Hey, Buffy!”


“Hi, Will.”


“Okay… that was a bit lackluster. Anything wrong,” the witch asked. In front of her were various books and a price-gun.


“Not really,” Buffy sighed. “I’m trying to track down this robo-girl I ran into and I’m not having much luck. I’m afraid that she might be a bit… aggressive… in trying to find her creator. Do you think you could help me find somebody?”


“Nancy Drew-ing over pricing books? Are you kidding?” Willow was beaming as she pulled out her laptop and began powering the device on.


“Great! His name is Warren Meers, but that’s all I know. I’m sure he must be a local, but I don’t remember ever hearing of him. He’s a major techno-geek though to put together this girl-bot. Can you take a quick peek in police records, too? I’m looking for anything about a petite girl, long brown hair and very strong.”


“Oh! I should have known!”




“Oh,” Willow hit the heel of her hand to her forehead. “We met this April chick already yesterday. She was looking for Warren Meers, like you said and I thought there was something odd about her. I mean…, just the way she talked was kind of off somehow. So; how are your classes going… are you catching up?”


“Oh, yeah… they’re fine. The professors have been really understanding about my having to take time off for mom. I’m pretty much through with my make up quizzes and I’m getting back into the swing of things. I mean…, I’m not really ready to move back into the dorms yet. I still want to be around the house till I’m sure mom is really recovered, but class-wise, I’m good. Which reminds me; mom will kill me if I forget to tell you that you and Tara are invited to Thanksgiving this year at our house if your folks are out of town again.”


“Oh, great! I’ll let Tara know. I’m not sure if she’s going home or not. It’ll depend on her family, I guess. I mean, I met her brother yesterday too, and he’s uh… well, not very friendly.”


Tara’s family is here?”


“Uh-huh. Birthday visit. She’s… I don’t know, Buffy. I’m kinda worried a little bit. I mean, she’s so different when she talks about them. Like, remember back when she wasn’t used to you guys yet and she was so shy you thought she’d sink through the floor?”


When Buffy nodded she remembered, Willow went on, “She’s like that now. Like stuttering and stuff. She was sort of avoidy when I asked her about back home, too. I think they might not be cool, especially with witchcraft.”


“You think its Slayer stuff?”


“Nah, just friendship-type stuff. I just think she needs to be reminded that people here care about her.”


“No problem. We’ll give her the bash to end all bashes and then her not very nice family will go away. I’ll even deliver her invite to Thanksgiving personally so she knows it’s not just ‘cause she’s my best friend’s girlfriend.”


By this time Buffy noticed that Giles was at the counter showing some ledger or another to Anya. She asked Willow to let her know when she’d tracked down Warren and made her way over to the counter. After a simple ‘hello’ to Anya, she directed Giles’ attention to the mystery power-blonde. His expression wasn’t very encouraging.


“Honestly, Buffy, I don’t see what more good we can do here. There are a few possibilities if she isn’t a shape-shifter, but if she is….”


“She could be anybody,” the Slayer grumped.


“Exactly. However, I think we’ve found the Order your monk belonged to. I tried to contact them via the local constabulary. They reported they weren’t able to assist me after they’d been to the Order’s keep. The impression I received speaking to the officer is that they found the place in a shambles. I doubt anyone there was alive. Now, this Order of Svratka was secretive, but I do recall having seen their name crop up in the Watcher’s Information Archive in London.”


“Swell. I don’t suppose you have a photographic etching of it in your brain.”


“No,” Giles replied, “but we’ve also uncovered some references to this ‘Beast’ in relation to the Dagon Sphere. It’s seems only able to affect her when she isn’t in her ‘prison of the flesh’. Now, I’m not sure exactly what that means yet, but I think that the Watcher’s Council may be of assistance.”


“Oh, great! I’m sure their tripping over themselves to help us.”


“Actually, and I was as surprised as you will be, but they are actually willing to talk to me. I’m going to fly to London tonight.”


By this time, Willow had joined them at the counter and was listening with interest, as was Anya.


Giles continued, “Travers himself stated that I was welcome to come by for tea and to discuss this latest situation.”


“I don’t know, Giles.” Buffy bit her lower lip, “I don’t like this. The thought of you being over there without backup gives me a wig.”


“Yes, well… I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy at the invitation either. But Buffy, we need to know what they do and this is the only way. He refused to answer any of my questions over the phone. ‘For security’, he said.”


“Just be careful. If you’re not back in three days, I’ll storm over there and kick their collective asses.”


“I appreciate your wanting to protect me, but I’m sure it’ll be unnecessary.”


“But Giles,” Willow said frowning, “Tara’s party? You promised!”


“I know, dear. That’s why I’ve booked myself on the red-eye. Don’t worry; I’ll be there for Tara’s celebration.”


“I’m not sure I like this idea,” Anya said worriedly. “What if they ask questions about what’s happening back here? You won’t tell them about my ex-demon status, will you? Giles, you can’t tell them! They’re not a very tolerant society!”


“Anya? I’m sure they won’t ask and you can rest assured your secret will be safe with me.”


“Oh, well…, okay, then. Good luck!” Anya gave him a small pat on the back and walked around the counter to head toward the basement storage area, no longer interested.


“Buffy,” Willow interrupted, “I think I’ve got Warren. It wasn’t easy; he’s been trying to hide his tracks. Looks like there’s been an abundance of equipment being delivered to a warehouse out on Old Woodland.”


“Are we sure, Will?” Buffy looked ready to dash for the door.


“Well, the warehouse has been rented to one J. Levinson.”




“And guess who just happened to share about half of his high school schedule?”


“Oh, I know this!” Buffy shared a grin with the red head, “Would it be one Warren Meers?”




In a dingy back room, undecorated and looking like a large walk in closet, the Lei-Ach demon awoke with a splitting headache. It hissed and struggled to move, but found its hands and feet bound by chains. The room was drab and contained a small cot and a night table. Scenting the air revealed the same mixture of human male and something-female that it’d found in the hospital.


“Hello, sunshine. Did we have a good nap?”


The Lei-Ach reared back as far as its bindings would allow, which wasn’t much at all. The woman who spoke was the same super-strong female that had so handily rendered it defenseless and its suppurating wounds wept with its fear. It hissed in question at her, not understanding why it still lived and what the blonde creature wanted of it.


“Relax, cutie. You and I are just going to have a friendly chat. Sorry about the chains, but I can’t have you doing something rash that would only have me killing you. You know, there was a time when the Lei-Achs could be counted on to spread mayhem in the streets; I mean, back when I was living in Cairo, you guys really knew how to spread the viscera. And now? Stalking lonely young doctors in locker rooms? I mean the smell alone should have you hunting elsewhere. Well, it’s just sad. I guess it’s a good thing I came along to give you something more worthwhile to do.”


It hissed questioningly at her, still confused as to why it was left alive and as far as it could feel, relatively unharmed aside from the headache. Its senses were telling it again that there was power here and it wondered if she might be a dark witch. She didn’t smell like any demon it was familiar with. Not that it had done a lot of hanging around with the other demon species wandering this world.


The demon must have blacked out again, because before it knew exactly what was going on it was being roughly manhandled by the power-vanilla-jasmine scented woman. She was screeching in his face in outrage as it struggled to clear its head through the pain.


“…I am beautiful and terrible and the world trembles where I step! No one nods off when I’m speaking!”


As the woman crossed the room huffing and puffing, the Lei-Ach had the survival instinct to hiss a muted apology and look contrite. Not that it was in the fault. It wasn’t the one that gave itself a probable concussion, but obviously he was dealing with one of the hell-gods now. No one else would throw a childish temper tantrum like this.


“Apology accepted. But only because I know you’re dealing with that head trauma thingie. Just don’t let it happen again!” Glorificus took a deep breath and primped at her curls. When she felt a little more calm, she brushed her fingertips down her silk, red camisole, having not bothered with a blouse today. The silky, electric material over her skin gave her a shiver of pleasure and caused her bad mood at the demon’s rudeness to evaporate.


“So, handsome: there’s this girl, you see, who has crossed me. I’m sure you know who I mean. Short, blonde, a waist the circumference of a billiard’s stick? Is this ringing any bells?”


The Lei-Ach hissed in reply. There could be only one girl in this area that would be stupid enough to cross a hell-god.


“Oh. My. Me. Please, do not tell me I lowered myself to trading blows with a Vampire Slayer! How completely humiliating! If I had friends and they heard about this… well, it’s just a lucky thing that I don’t. I should have known the Hellmouth would have one of those runts running around nearby.”


“Okay, Glory, let’s let it go for now,” Glorificus turned her attention again to the demon and turned over some possibilities in her mind. The poor little thing was squirming under her attention, no doubt waiting for her to crush it like the insect it was next to her own power. “It’s okay little baby. Glory’s not going to hurt you. At least, not if you do me an eensy-teensy favor?”


Naturally she gave it no time to respond. “Oh, thank you sweetie! I knew I could count on you. Here’s what I need… I want you to find the girl. Do Not Attack Her. I know how you demons get when you’re around all that super-goodness, but this is important. You see, a long, long time ago I was separated from my home. And to get back to there, I have to have a Key. It’s very special to me. Now either this little twig has it, or she’s on her way to finding out where it is. Spy on her. Listen and watch; any mentions of Keys and you come back here and give me the information. If you’re helpful to me, I promise you rewards that will make your species great again. If you fail me,” Glory grabbed the Lei-Ach’s face and her look hardened. “Well, if you fail me you’ll be begging me to eviscerate you.”


“Gren! Guar!” she bellowed.


“Yes, Your Mighty.”


“Take him down and send him on his way. He’s going to help us. Thanks again, sweetness.” With this Glory left the room without another glance back.




End Chapter 3


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