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Pathways, Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Legal stuff, don't own characters, haven't made any money, this is for entertainment purposes, no profit earned, lawyers go away. –kisses-

POV: Shifts Perspective

Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past episodes and Spanderverse: stories.

Notes: Story number sixteen in the Spanderverse-universe, following “Feint and Counter Feints”. Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline.

Also, another thank you to Twiztv(dot)com for their script assistance for the finale of chapter 6.

SPECIAL NOTE: Dru has not been to L.A. yet, instead she stops by Sunnydale on her way and ergo she hasn’t gotten involved with Darla’s revampification nor gotten burned yet.

This takes place around mid-January.




Ch 1 – Drusilla


The raven haired woman was a weird one, alright. The Night Porter who’d taken over from Julio at the Mexico/United States border had to agree. He’d been told by the Mexican national that the woman sang to herself since she boarded south of Mexico City and sometimes murmured things to the doll she carried. He had been creeped out by her all night and Stan could see why; he was getting jumpy around her, too. The way her large eyes followed the passengers wistfully as they left and… hungrily? ...as they boarded. And the way she’d lick her lips as he’d pass by. Once, of course, he might have taken it as a sexual come on and been flattered. He was over sixty now, though and looked every blessed year of it. If she was hitting on him, it was all kinds of wrong… she couldn’t be any older than her late twenties and was probably a bit younger than that. As he helped stow luggage or gathered ticket stubs from the new arrivals, he’d taken to avoiding looking at her seat as he passed and he’d noted that no one else seemed to be in a hurry to sit near her either. The rows in front, behind and across from her remained empty the entire way. It seemed he wasn’t the only one to be disconcerted by the aura the woman was giving off.


Dru sat staring out into the night as the Amtrak rumbled through small hamlets surrounded by the vast darkness of the desert. The people living in those places probably thought they were alone with the stars and the breeze, but of course they were wrong. She could see the furtive darts and dashes in the blackness… rabbits and snakes, coyotes and the occasional disturbed bird or lizard. Her eyes caught them all as they flashed by; and of course there were the elemental spirits: the sand and the wind and the scrub. They all whispered to Dru or to each other and occasionally, when she heard something interesting, she’d pass it along to her dolly and they’d share a smile.


She was sort of nervous, which was a strange sensation. Not bad strange; it was sort of tingly. The thought of going to Los Angeles worried her just slightly. It was the home of the mean Angel. She sighed as she thought about her poor, lost daddy. Anytime Liam was back, her Angelus was forced to go away; buried deep inside and allowing the no-fun Angel to roam free. But she didn’t hate him for it, only pitied him that he wasn’t able to follow his true nature. Maybe she could find a way to make Liam go away again. It was something she should look into and she asked Miss Edith to remind her later.


The dolly gave her a look, but Dru ignored it. Miss Edith was a nasty, selfish, little girl who told tales about everyone she cared about and that was why she so often had to be gagged and punished. According to little Edie, Angel was going to make the world better for people and less fun for all of them one day, but she refused to believe it. Her daddy was far too strong to be denied forever.


Dru whispered wistfully to the doll that she missed their happy home together. Darla had always been so kind to her, except for those times when Dru and daddy played together. But she’d always forgive her because mummy was sweet like that. Not like her human mother from so long ago, who’d always yell at Dru for seeing things. Darla had never yelled at her to stop looking; she’d always welcomed eagerly when a vision would interrupt whatever they were all doing. According to the summons from the bad lawyers, Darla was back from the ashy grave that the bad Angel had sent her to. They wanted her to come and make Darla whole again; to turn her back into a vampire. She was looking forward to it; it would be so much fun to hang out with Darla again. Shopping and giggling and maybe Darla could do what Dru hadn’t been able to and make Daddy come back again, too!


And when Darla and Dru and Angelus were back together, the bad lawyers would get a rude awakening. Oh, yes… they would see that the vampires weren’t to be manipulated and moved like pawns on a chessboard, for that’s what they wanted, of course. They couldn’t fool Drusilla, even if she allowed them to think that they could. She giggled in Miss Edith’s ears, but the dolly was being cross and only ‘harrumphed’ at her. The plastic baby girl was angered that they were coming back to America. Nothing had ever gone right while they were here… Spike had been lost here. Well, Dru determined, so was Darla but she was back now. And Daddy had been back for awhile. Dru would bring Spike back, too. He’d forgive her for leaving him; he’d understand once she’d gotten that awful Slayer stink off of him that she’d had no choice at the time.


Miss Edith wouldn’t shut up, even through the gag that Dru had now slipped over her mouth. She was telling her all sorts of lies about how Daddy was going to hurt her. Well, she wouldn’t listen to those tales about fire because Daddy wouldn’t do that! He’d use razor blades and make Dru scream before applying his lips to her flowing blood and enflame the sired passions within her. And then they would have play time, but he wouldn’t use fire. Fire was very dangerous; like the sun, it could be awfully hurtful. She’d learned that in Prague once upon a time. And it took forever for those biting, burning wounds to heal. Her Angelus wouldn’t do that to her.


Dru stood and placed the dolly up in the luggage rack above the passenger seats. She stuffed it in there extra hard, making sure that Miss Edith yelled out in pain. That would teach her not to say naughty things and if she thought that Dru was going to give her honeyed treats later, well, she was mistaken.


As the train’s whistle blared out into the night, Dru collapsed in her seat. The noise was like a saw running through her brain, and even when it stopped she could hear its echo bouncing around in her skull. It made her quite cross and she glanced around the car she sat in and counted the number of meals with her. There was only five, not including the old man who kept passing back and forth by her and making ‘sour lemon’ faces at her. It was a disappointing number, but it’d be enough.


As she returned her attention to the window, Miss Edith called down to her through her gag that they were near Sunnydale. In fact, according to her, or maybe the porter? She couldn’t remember now, but it was the next stop.


Her Spike was still in Sunnydale and she concentrated on hearing him. A flash of insight left her stunned with a hand to her head and groaning. Her poor baby had been leashed. He hadn’t been able to leave Buffy behind, even when they’d left the town for Brazil. Now he was tethered by a phony elemental that sent its lightning through his brains when he tried to play.


Drusilla wept for her poor William. Always so soft, he was still controlled by his emotions and now they’d brought him so low. If only he’d been able to get the Slayer out of his aura, she’d have stayed by him and he’d be his usual deadly self. It made her unbeating heart break and her tears flowed for him as Sunnydale’s train depot rushed closer and closer through the night.


When the old sour faced man touched her shoulder and asked if she was alright, she knew she couldn’t leave her vicious wolf collared like that. With a quick yank on the old man’s arm, she had him in her lap and snapped his neck with a wet sound. She was going to have to stop in Sunnydale; there was no other choice. William the Bloody needed his mum.


Standing, she looked over at the other passengers, only two of which were still awake with her. Both were rushing forward to check on the prone figure of the man that now lay half on her seat, half on the dirty floor. With a smile she morphed into her fangs and set to gorging on those that rode with her.


She’d need her strength to break Buffy’s hold over her Spike. She’d take him with her to L.A. and he’d help her bring the rest of her family back together. She giggled as a woman in her powerful grip screamed before she sank her fangs into the tender throat. It would be just like old times and Dru was lighter of heart than she had been since the Chaos Demon had cheated on her and been torn apart for it. Even Miss Edith had stopped throwing out her painful lies and laughed along with Dru over the terror that now permeated the passenger car.


When the train slowed in Sunnydale, she waited patiently to see if Buffy might not be there. The girl patrolled a lot and had always seemed to appear wherever her and Spike had tried to have a good time; always being a wet blanket.


When a few moments later a baggage handler came up the steps to see if anyone needed assistance, she was already full to bursting. She allowed him to see what she’d done so that she could enjoy the scent of his fear and then slowly strangled the man as he beat ineffectually at her face and breasts. The giggling never stopped and as she strolled down the short stairs she turned and blew a kiss at the train. The baggage handler was left lying out to be found, so that the metal snake would not rumble away to Los Angeles without her.


“You wait here, Miss Edith,” she called out in a sing song voice. “When I come back, Spike will be with me and we will all have tea and crumpets!”


The dolly made some sour reply, but Dru was already moving off and chose to ignore her. She didn’t want to have to go back and waste time punishing her again.




End Chapter 1


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