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Chapter 5 of Pathways

Disclaimer: Legal stuff, don't own characters, haven't made any money, this is for entertainment purposes, no profit earned, lawyers go away. –kisses-

POV: Shifts Perspective

Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past episodes and Spanderverse: stories.

Notes: Story number sixteen in the Spanderverse-universe, following “Feint and Counter Feints”. Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline.

Also, another thank you to Twiztv(dot)com for their script assistance for the finale of chapter 6.

SPECIAL NOTE: Dru has not been to L.A. yet, instead she stops by Sunnydale on her way and ergo she hasn’t gotten involved with Darla’s revampification nor gotten burned yet.

This takes place around mid-January.




Ch 5 – Harm’s Liberation


Buffy came to with a severe headache and pins and needles running up and down her arms. She blinked and groaned before noting that Drusilla’s voice was filling what sounded like a cavern. Remembering her battle with the vampire, she snapped her head up and immediately regretted it as her headache intensified.


Taking a few deep breaths, she tried to concentrate on what was happening around her, but came up short when her arms refused to move. Glancing up, she found her wrists bound to metal cuffs and these attached to short chains attaching her to a wall. She panicked briefly and tried to catch sight of Dru, but found the vampire in a similar state.


“Spike, I don’t think this is the time for play. Let me go and we’ll have fun with the Slayer.”


“Forget it, Dru. I told you; you shouldn’t have come here.”


“My boy needed me….”


Buffy gave a rattle at the chains, but they seemed solid to her. It was going to take some effort to break free. Unfortunately, the two fanged ones heard her struggles and Spike immediately marched toward her. She glared hard at him and hoped he wouldn’t smell her nervousness. For the moment, finding herself trussed up, she’d forgotten with his chip he couldn’t really do anything to her, anyway.


“I’m sorry, Buffy. I needed to stop things before they got too far,” he said as he glanced at his Sire.


Buffy noted Drusilla looked about as pissed as she felt.


“I can’t believe I trusted you,” she spit at him. “I told Xander you wouldn’t betray us!”


“I’m not gonna hurt you. I couldn’t now, even if the chip wasn’t a problem. I just needed to keep you two from each other’s throats until I could think.”


“What’s there to think about? She’s an evil vampire, I’m a Vampire Slayer… seems simple enough to me.”


“That does make sense, Spike,” Drusilla called out across the short distance.


“Oh, hush up!” Spike began to pace between the two of them. “She’s my Sire, Buffy! Did you really think I’d just stand around and watch you kill her? And, you Dru! You don’t even wonder what I’ve been up to since you gave me the old heave ho; you just show up in my town and start attacking everyone! You bloody women have me fit to be committed to the bloody booby-hatch.”


“I know one thing, Harmony’s dust when I get out of these, that cowardly bitch.”


“Harmony,” Drusilla started to question.


Spike cut her off, “Uh, yeah, she’s a real chicken, that one.”


Obviously Buffy hadn’t caught sight of Buffybot, so at least that was a plus.




Upstairs, Buffybot listened in as her motor control returned. Spike was involved with heated discussions between her two sisters and she knew better than to interrupt. He’d be very angry if she went down to speak with Buffy, though she still didn’t fully understand the reasons. If anyone could bring peace between two feuding siblings, it was a third to mediate.


However, her directives were explicit. ‘Avoid Buffy Summers’ had top priority, so the robot slipped out into the bright noon sunshine. She had to leave for a while until she could be reasonably sure that the other Buffy was no longer there. Because it was daylight, she also couldn’t patrol, yet. Vampires avoided sunlight.


The Buffybot wandered toward town.




“Spike,” Drusilla asked, “who is this Harmony? What does she have to do with us?”


“I’m his girlfriend for one thing!” Harmony walked out of one of the two tunnels which connected Spike’s underground living space from the town around him. “Well, ex… but only temporarily!”


Spike’s hand came up and rubbed his face as if he was suffering the headache that Buffy had. It’d be funny, if she wasn’t so pissed off that he’d chained her to a wall.


“Harmony, what are you doing here? I thought you left town,” Spike sighed.


“Don’t be silly Blondie-bear! I had to give you the chance to beg for my forgiveness. Instead I come home to find what? You involved in some kinky bondage fun with Buffy the Boring and some chick who doesn’t know how to dress!?”


“Kinky,” Buffy exploded.


“Can’t dress,” Drusilla growled.


“Relax, you ditz. It’s not what you think. Harmony, meet Drusilla… Dru… Harms,” Spike said.


“Ohhhh… I see what’s going on here. You thought you’d just come sweeping into town and reclaim my Blondie-bunny, didn’t you – you hussy! Well, I’ve got news for you; my Willy-bean doesn’t need you! He is so over you, you old bat!”


“Blondie-bear? Bunny? Willy-bean? Oh, Spike, you’ve fallen even farther than I had feared,” Dru smirked.


Buffy opened her mouth to add her two cents, but then closed her mouth with a snap when she realized that Drusilla had pretty much summed things up nicely.


“Shut up, Droodzilla!” Harmony had her hands on her hips and glared at Spike’s former mistress. “How dare you show up in my town!?”


“Your town,” both Buffy and Spike shouted unbelievingly at once.


“Well, our town, Spikey,” she relented.


“Harmony, I’m a bit busy here and beside that, you and I are history. I thought I’d made that perfectly clear.”


“That was just in the heat of a moment, Spike. You and I have a passionate relationship, that’s all. Now, I was going to make you beg me to come back to you, but obviously this changes things. Now, all you have to do is kill Dru while I drain Buffy, okay?”


Buffy laughed harshly from her place on the wall, while simultaneously working at yanking her cuffs. “Harmony? You were pathetic when you were a Cordette. You were tragic when you tried to lead the Harmonettes. And since you’ve become undead, you’re just a bad punchline. But in all three incarnations, you’re a moron.”


“Here, here, Buffy,” Dru added.


“Would you two shut up,” Spike glared at each woman in exasperation. “I’m dealing with this! Harmony, leave. Not just my cave, not just my mausoleum and not just my town. Leave the bloody state… hell, don’t stop until you hit the middle of the Pacific! Just… go!”


“You bastard! After all I’ve done for you! I took you in when you were a sad sack chipped case! I supported you when you had that whole Gem of Amara plot! I have given you the best… months… of my unlife! And this is what I get? Well, no one scorns Harmony Kendall,” she screamed as she slapped him across the face.


Buffy only smirked, but Drusilla began having a giggling fit. But Harmony wasn’t finished. From somewhere… probably the small of her back, she pulled out a small, pencil thin stake and lunged at Spike.


The sliver of wood penetrated his chest, but his reflexes were superior to hers after his century of fighting, sometimes against Angelus, and he was able to deflect her before the lethal strike could penetrate his heart. Winding up his fist, he plowed it into her face, feeling the cartilage of her nose smash inward.


Harmony squealed in a combination of outrage and pain as she went flying toward Buffy.


Buffy watched Harmony’s stumbled trajectory toward her. Reaching up, she grabbed the chains that held her cuffs to the wall and yanked her self up. Letting her feet come up off of the ground, she kicked out in a two-footed wide arc, hitting Harmony in the side of her head and knocking her to the side where she crashed into some knickknacks that Spike had lying around.


She felt a little bit of pity for Harms, as she often did because she was just so pathetic. Her demonization had done nothing to improve her lot in life, as far as Buffy could tell.


“Ow! God, everyone is always ganging up on me,” Harmony whined as she held her nose. “It’s so unfair! And, you’re all just mean!”


“Look, Harm,” Spike said unsympathetically, “this is your last chance to get the hell out of here and let me get back to what I was doin’.”


“Spike! We can’t just let her walk,” Buffy tried to insist, but he ignored her for the moment.


“Fine! I’m going! But, you just think about this, when you’re lying all alone!” Harmony turned around and stuck her ass out. With one hand she grabbed a handful of her butt-cheek. “You’re never gonna get to see any of this again!”


She started to march out the way she came, but stopped herself short. “Well, unless, you know, you’re behind me and then you see it. But, I’ll just turn around! Like this!”


She turned her back and began marching backward into the tunnel to disappear. “And I’ll just walk backward until you can’t see my anymore! So there, you loser!”


“Oh, Spike…,” Drusilla clucked her tongue. “And you thought I was scraping the bottom of the barrel with my Chaos Demon lover.”


“Shut it, Dru. I gotta say some stuff to both of you and then we’re solving this once and for all!”





End Chapter 5


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