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Spanderverse: Dracula, chapter 6 of 14

Disclaimer: Legal stuff, don't own characters, haven't made any money, this is for entertainment purposes, no profit earned, lawyers go away. –kisses-

POV: Shifts Perspective

Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past episodes. The Dracula mythos naturally plays a part. Also be warned that it will eventually have some Slash-components, I don't think it's real explicit.

Notes: Third story in the Spanderverse-universe, following “Spike”. Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline.

For online script reference I want to thank twiztv for script transcripts. I need to thank Bram Stoker, of course, as well as romaniatourism.

I also feature Xander's folks, and I couldn't find their first names believe it or not: they've become Walter and Peggy Harris.



Spanderverse: Dracula

CH 6: A Choice for Giles



Tuesday was a day like any other day for Sunnydale’s citizens. They went to work, they took care of their children, and they complained about bills and the rain. It had rained for the past three days, well mostly nights actually, and puddles of water were standing everywhere. The local news, seeing a ratings grabber, exclaimed on the dangers of the West Nile virus and mosquitoes that could swarm the area. Also making the noon news report was the body of one Carl Lanks, a former security guard that had floated up at the local yacht club. There was little information at that point, but it appeared he may have drowned. The local police were waiting for his autopsy before they could confirm cause of death.


The small television in Giles’ apartment droned on with the overly-perky voice of the news anchor. Apparently the woman didn’t know enough to take a more somber tone when discussing the death of a local citizen. Giles made ‘tut-tut’ noises in disgust at how the woman’s tone never changed whether she was discussing the local death toll or a birthday party for one of the hyenas at the zoo.


Leaving the woman on the TV to babble on about a new local all-organic food store opening down town, Giles approached Willow to see how her progress was. According to the computer store salesman, the scanner should have just been plug_and_play without any effort. Of course, in keeping with Giles’ continued luck concerning electronic devices, it had refused to work. After thirty minutes of basically clicking random buttons and loading and unloading the same CD over and over, Giles had finally called Willow over in Tara’s dorm and asked her to come over. He was standing behind her now, seeing her type things on a command line. He glared daggers at the offending machine, for surely it was something personal the computer had against him.


“Well, that should do it,” Willow said over her shoulder, “it looks like it was trying to use an IRC that was already claimed by your printer. It should have automatically chosen one that wasn’t in use, but that’s computers for you.”


“Ah, yes, well, thank you. As I’m sure you already know, I have no clue what you just said, however,” Giles reminded her, though not unkindly.


Willow gave a small chuckle at his continued discomfort around computers. She grabbed a book from a small stack near the infernal device and placed it in the scanner. With a few mouse clicks, the scanner hummed to life and after a short few seconds, a reproduction appeared on the screen. This Willow dutifully saved to a file called ‘Abacum Imp’ in a folder with the book’s title: ‘Household Curses and Hexes’.


“This was a great idea, Giles. Once we have everything scanned, I’ll create a database for the entries to make them easier to find,” she said, excitement reflected in her voice. "Of course, I'd feel better about the whole thing if you could just remind me one more time that you're absolutely, positively sure that there aren't any more Moloch-types waiting to be released?"


“Yes, well, I've double and triple checked all the volumes to be scanned. How about if I make you a pot of coffee? I need to go out for a bit, there’s still more things that need cataloguing. I need to retrieve them from the storage place.”


“What? Oh, you wanted me to scan everything today?” Willow asked, obviously not really relishing the task.


“Not everything, of course. There are far too many volumes, but I was hoping you could stay a few hours, perhaps. We really do need to get all of these things done as soon as we can.”


“What’s up Giles? You're seeming way too much of old library-type guy lately. What, with all the cataloguing and filing and whatnot.”


Giles sighed. He didn’t really want to bring up his future plans yet, especially since Buffy should be the first one he spoke to. On the other hand, it was rather important that Willow see the importance of not dilly-dallying around. “Well, uh, you see Willow, um. Well, actually, I’m about to lose my lease on the apartment, you see. I, uh, I’m not going to renew it, you understand. I’m actually, uh, going to rent a new place. A nice little house in Devon, actually.”


Devon?” Willow regarded him with a suspicious look, “You mean a new subdivision here named Devon?”


“Well, uh, no. I’m speaking of Devon, England. I’ve decided it’s time for me to move back home, Willow. Not, not a word of this to anyone else, yet. I haven’t told the rest of my decision.”


“But, but, but, Giles!”


Willow,” he explained kindly, but a little sadly, “I’m not needed here anymore. Without a career I’m just taking up space and since there’s no openings for a librarian to replace my high school position, well… it’s just time. Surely you can see that.”


“But, but, Buffy! Buffy still needs you, you’re still her Watcher. I mean, it’s not in the actually being paid a salary way, but she needs you, Giles! We all do!”


Giles simply smiled at her with affection. “No, Willow. You don’t. You’ve all become extraordinary adults. Something I like to feel that maybe I’ve had a small hand in, and I’m exceedingly proud of all of you. You’ll all do well on your own, now. With the reference information I’m going to leave behind on that horrid machine, which is yours… I’m not taking it with me; you’ll be fully prepared to carry on.”


He rested a comforting hand on Willow’s shoulder, “And… and besides that, you know I’m not retreating to a commune. I’ll have a phone and you can always get in touch with me if you ever truly need my help. I’m not abandoning the lot of you, Willow. I’m just getting back to having a life of my own in a place where I’m not stuck being the fifth wheel, so to speak.”


“Oh, God, Giles,” Willow looked stricken. “We didn’t mean to make you feel unneeded. We should have come by more; had more Scooby update meetings, or something. Really, it’s just a matter of time before the next ‘big bad’ shows up, and we’ll need you here.”


“Now, Willow, please. My mind has been made up. It’s past time that I’ve acknowledged how far Buffy has grown into her role as Slayer. She has surpassed my fondest hopes and all while maintaining her independence. As for the rest of you, although it wasn’t part of my job to take care of you, I’ve grown to have a lot of affection for each of you. You’re, uh, my step-children, if you like. But I need to go home. Perhaps find someone and have a family of my own; perhaps even convince Olivia that I can give her a more routine life if she’ll still have me. Please don’t make this more difficult than it already is.”


“Okay, Giles, ok, I guess. But I’m still going to hold out hope that I can convince you otherwise.” Willow gave her best ‘brave little toaster’ smile, though she thought she might start shedding a few tears, and he hadn’t even bought his plane ticket yet. Oh, God! What if he has? What if he’s leaving like, right away?!


“Giles,” Willow said, trying to keep a tremor of desperation out of her voice, “when are you planning on going? I mean is it really soon?”


He gave her a small smile, “Not very soon. Probably before Halloween, but not too much before.” He grabbed a light jacket from the coat rack, “Now I really must be off. There’s coffee in the cabinet next to the refrigerator. You can help yourself. I’ll call just before one and bring you back a little bit of lunch if you're still here. And remember, I wish you to keep things quiet for the moment. I need to figure out a way to tell Buffy.” With that he was out the door.


Willow sighed deeply. Turning her attention back to the pile of books near the scanner, she took ‘Household Curses and Hexes’ and flipped the page. Replacing it in the new equipment, she went on with her scanning project. In her mind, she was pondering on how she could convince Giles to stay and debating with herself whether to run and tell Buffy herself or not.





End CH 6


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