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Chapter 7


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POV: Shifts Perspective


Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past episodes and especially the Spanderverse series.


Notes: Story number Nineteen in the Spanderverse-universe, following “Songs of Pain and Comfort”. Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline.




Battling with a God

Ch 7 – Darkness Falls


The sun was midway to the western horizon and beating down as Giles pulled off of the road. Buffy exited the vehicle as he began to rummage around in the trunk.


The glare was a killer and waves of blurry heat danced above the tarmac. There was the slightest hint of a breeze, but it only seemed to make the air hotter. Which was weird… it wasn’t even spring yet and Sunnydale had been rather cool. She took off her coat and followed Giles off into the desert.


“I hope my car will be okay out here.”


“Want I should ask my Guardian to check on it while I’m at it,” she asked facetiously. “What the hell is up with the heat out here?”


Giles raised an eyebrow at her; his coat remaining firmly buttoned against what he perceived as cold ambient temperatures. “Interesting,” was all he had to say.


“How far do we have to walk, do you think?”


“Oh, I should imagine over a dune or two should be far enough for me. Goodness, but these things are becoming rather heavy,” he commented.


“Interesting,” was all she had to say as she pointedly did not offer to share the burden.


“Well, honestly, you do have Slayer strength, Buffy. A little help would be appreciated.”


“Y-yeah… but I don’t think I’m supposed to, Giles.” In answer to his disbelieving glance, she insisted. “No, really. I-I feel something… we have our roles to play in this.”


Buffy’s dreamy tone was so striking that Giles sharply looked at her. He recognized the glazed look of someone beginning to slip into a light trance and felt a shiver run up his spine.




“Look at this,” Tara said, breaking the silence around the research-slash-dining table.


When the others looked, all they saw was a series of lines. It looked like some sort of graph, but its X and Y axis were skewed and unlabeled.


“Uh, that’s very nice Tara,” Xander said. “We’ll put it on the fridge for all the other kids to see.”


She giggled at him, her reply being pre-empted by Spike.


“It’s a spirit-graph, you nitwit. Glory and our demon girl?”


“Yes, exactly. I’ve been using a bit of astrology to map out Anya’s mind-body connection… her living spirit, if you will.”


Xander looked at both of them blankly.


“Her ‘katra’,” Dawn suggested, immediately receiving a look of understanding from Xander.


“Oh, no ‘Bit! Don’t tell me he’s corrupted you with that Sci-Fi garbage,” Spike grinned at her.


“What? Spock is cool.”


“So, Tara,” Xander said, bringing the discussion back on topic. “You’re saying you’ve been able to ‘map out’ Anya’s… what? Her sanity?”


“That’s exactly it. I’ve followed Anya’s living spirit, her mind’s energy. And then I crossed that with a reading of Glory’s. Using the solar cycles for each day starting with the morning of the day of Anya’s attack right through the rest of the month and into April, I’ve been able to trace out their paths around each other. See this? You can see that they start at separate points that day. By the next morning, they’re in tandem.”


“That’s ‘cause Anya’s sanity was… I don’t know… absorbed,” asked Dawn.


Tara acknowledged this was so. “But here’s the interesting thing: they stay in tandem all the way until here… this would refer to around sunrise on April 2nd,” she said.


“The lines are crossing over each other,” Spike pointed out and translated. “You think we’ve got a chance of getting Anya back on that day?”


“I’d say that’s our best shot,” Tara nodded.


“That’s only days away,” Xander said nervously.


“Wait,” Dawn pointed out, “Why does Anya’s line end soon after that, but Glory’s just gets kinda… wiggly.”


“Oh… uh….” Tara started, before looking away from the eyes staring at her.


“That’s when Anya’s sanity is gone forever,” Xander guessed. “If we don’t rescue her by then, she’ll always be… she won’t come back to us.”


“I’m sorry, Xander,” Tara said sympathetically.


“You did good, White Wicca,” Spike insisted. “You’ve given us a timetable. Do you think this mapping thing can come up with a way to do the restoration?”


“Not exactly,” she said excitedly, “But I’m sure that this spell I found will do the trick. It’ll be hard, though and I need to get close enough to them to touch them at the same time. But we can do it… I’m sure we can. We can get her back. And maybe it’ll, I don’t know, make Glory confused the way Anya is right now. I just wish I knew who else she’s hurt like this. Maybe I could help them all at the same time.”


“Not even somebody as sweet as you can save everyone, luv. But if you can cause her to lose her marbles, that could really help Buffy and I when we take the Big Lady on,” Spike nodded.


“So, how do we get close enough to her to do the mojo? Without her killing you before you have a chance to breathe,” Xander directed at Tara.


No one really had an answer to that at first. But then Tara suddenly remembered.


“Willow may be able to come up with something,” Tara sounded hopeful. “She was able to hold Glory still when she tried to attack me. That may be enough.”


The gang around the table smiled. On the sofa, Anya started crying.


“It’s almost time! I need to be with the goddess,” she whimpered to herself as she rocked on the sofa.


“Do you think we can throw in a ‘cause pain’ spell when we do it,” Dawn asked darkly.




“Are you sure,” Gregor Kossimo asked Orlando and Antonio aboard the yacht the Knights were using.


“Yes,” Orlando said. “Dante is… confused… but he is making a strange sort of sense. It explains perfectly why all of our enchantments on every tomb and magic item in the Slayer’s shop aren’t revealing the Key’s location. It’s a person!”


“That will make it ever harder to locate,” Sandor said. “It will no doubt be echoing a soul to confuse our locator spells.”


“No, I don’t think so,” Antonio replied. “I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before.”


“What is it, Antonio? Speak,” the Knight’s General commanded.


“In the hospital, Brother Papillion was attracted to the nurse’s hair. She had long, straight brown locks. We’d thought he was just being… well….  Anyway, I believe she reminded him of the Key’s new form.”


“And who around the Slayer has such bangs,” Sandor asked the assembled warriors.


“Sandor, get with your counterpart. We’ll need magical support. It’s time we took this war to the Slayer. I want her sister dead,” General Kossimo said coldly.


He was simmering with anger that the monk’s spells must have been playing with their minds this entire time. It was the only reason they would have not thought of something as obvious as the Slayer’s family right off. The General pulled out the maps of Sunnydale and the surrounding area. The United States Authorities were still stopping them from trespassing on their territory. A full frontal assault would be stopped before they could reach their goal. Waiting for the Vatican to trudge through the tangle of red tape, with the Watchers Council’s interference, could take far too long. Glory could bring about an Armageddon while the bureaucrats continued squabbling amongst themselves.


He pulled Orlando to his side and began to talk strategy for the coming campaign.




In the desert, Buffy wandered away from Giles’ side. She could hear the faintest sound of whisperings on the wind, calling her name.


Giles had laid out a rough circular pattern with small twigs. Within this he had built a small fire, burning cedar chips and throwing saffron into the small flame. When he could smell the herb burning, he had begun a hop-scotch sort of dance around the circle. It could have been a Native American tribal dance, albeit, far less graceful. As he counted out his footsteps to get the dance exactly correct, he waved the gourd. First outside of the circle, he then placed it over the circumference of twigs and shook it over the flames before returning it outside of the circle.


Once he’d made a complete circuit around the circle, he’d placed a foot within it and shook it. Buffy hadn’t been able to stop snickering.


“And they were called upon to perform the Mighty Hokey-Pokey Dance,” she taunted.


“Go,” Giles sighed as he began another circuit around the fire, “Quest away.”


So Buffy had and now she found herself so far out in the desert, she couldn’t even see the firelight wherever Giles was. In fact, there was nothing about except the slight breeze, the ridiculous heat (Giles was crazy, it was flippin’ hot) and the stars. Darkness had fallen across the desert floor, but the moon had yet to rise. She felt her legs grow heavy, along with her eyelids and she stopped her wanderings.


Lying back in the comfortable sand, she gazed up through heavy lids at the beauty that was the desert sky. She felt at peace, as if all of her anxieties and fears had been left behind in the desert trek.




In Glorificus’ penthouse, there was a flurry of activities as her demon assistants rushed here and there. On the floor, surrounding a circle of sand sat Ginx and Grono. They had thrown a series of bones and small clay squares with unearthly alphabets upon them. They told the story; the time was very near now. Within the next week, they would be home and their God and Savior would shine with the horrible brightness of exploding suns.


In the meantime, there was so much to do. Glory had purchased dresses and jewels and paintings and shoes over the centuries of her confinement on this mortal plane. Now, all had to be sent here from their holding sites across the globe so that they could be ready to send through the portal before her.


Her Mighty Majestic One wasn’t here at the moment, but the imps knew their duties and carried on as if her eyes were on them. They figured that Ben had probably re-emerged sometime either before or after she’d gone for the witch that was the next on her list. It didn’t matter. When the time was right, Ben would be consumed and leave behind only Her Radiance. In the meantime, let the silly boy do what he would. The God would make sure he didn’t run too far. In the meantime, Guar was at the hospital in case he showed up there while Guev and Granier looked about town. Not only for Ben though, but for the site of the tower that would need to be built. Already, all of Glory’s converts were being prepared to gather in a central place and begin working on her edifice and bridge to the portal.


The penthouse nearly buzzed with pleasant excitement.





End Chapter 7


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