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Battling with a God, Ch 13

Disclaimer: Legal stuff, don't own characters, haven't made any money, this is for entertainment purposes, no profit earned, lawyers go away. –kisses-

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POV: Shifts Perspective

Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past episodes and especially the Spanderverse series.

Notes: Story number Nineteen in the Spanderverse-universe, following “Songs of Pain and Comfort”. Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline.



Battling with a God

Ch 13 – Wreckage


“Dawn! Giles!” From outside of the now toppled recreational vehicle, the occupants could here Buffy’s frantic calls.


“We’re okay, Buffy… mostly,” Dawn answered. “Uh, we’re kinda stuck in here!”


There was the sound of boots on the undercarriage of the vehicle and Buffy’s head was over the smashed former dining table window, now skylight.


“Hey… is anyone hurt badly,” she asked with concern.


“Xander’s hurt,” Dawn yelled up to her.


“I’m okay,” he yelled hoarsely. His voice was full of obvious pain.


“You bloody well are not,” Spike countermanded him. “We need to get a wound packed in Xan’s side! All of you, take off your clothes… I need bandages, damn it. Now!”


“Oh, god… please ignore him! I don’t want to see jangly bits hanging all over,” Xander joked while gritting his teeth. He was starting to shake and could recognize shock.


“Everyone just calm down,” Giles insisted. “Buffy, how are we up there? Where are the Knights?”


“We’re clear… I don’t see them.”


“I inspired a revolt among their horses. It’ll be awhile before my spell fades,” Willow said.


“Buffy, help the others out. Anya seems to be in a state of shock. She should go second so someone is out there to watch over her. In the meantime, I’m going to take care of Xander,” Giles stated.


“It’s not going to involve you removing your clothing, is it,” Xander’s voice sounded. It was definitely weaker than it had been moments before.


“Shut up, you git,” Spike barked at him. “This is serious!”


“Spike, I’m throwing the kitchen hand towels over there,” Giles offered. “Do the best you can until I can get past all this debris.”




“Alright! I’m here, god damn it, stop pressing on those frickin’ jewels,” Glory yelled as she entered her condominium. Before her the minions immediately fell into supplication and the buzzing in her head stopped.


“Your Most Immensely Beautiful,” Goru cried, “We have located the Key!”


“I located the Key,” Ginx immediately said, pushing Grono out of the way.


“You couldn’t have done anything, if it wasn’t for my stupendous sensing abilities,” Grono insisted as he pushed Ginx behind.


“That’s not true,” Ginx stated, hopping up and down to catch Glory’s eye.


“SHUT UP.” All of the glassware in the room vibrated in the aftermath of Glory’s voice. Their slight humming was suddenly the only sound.


“Now,” Glory said, “If this is another tease, I’m going to pop some heads like enormous zits.”


“No, no, Your Majestic Powerful Greatness,” Guev cried, tears of utter joy on his cheeks. “It truly is the Key, this time! Home, we’re going home to shine in your undiluted radiance!”


Glory had to admit that they did seem to be a little too orgasmically happy. Maybe they really did finally find it. She burst out into a wide smile, her long boring trek across the sandy scrublands and Ben’s odd location and circumstances utterly forgotten now.


“So, tell me already…. Grono,” she added as she saw all of their nasty little rodent mouths opening to answer.


“It’s eastward, My Glowing Goddess! Outside the bounds of Sunnydale,” he couldn’t contain his laughter of joy.


“Hmmm. Buffy must be trying to make a run for it,” Glory reasoned. “The bitch must have known I was closing in. Well, if she thought she could outrun a God, it’s time to show her how wrong she is. Alright, gather the nutbars and start building my tower at the site we discussed. Guev will act as my high priest to anoint the Key, so I don’t have to listen to any more frickin’ rambling from you insects. Ginx, you’ll assist.”


“Shouldn’t some of us come with you,” asked Guar. “To assist in obtaining the Key from the warrior and her people?”


“’Cause you’d be so helpful, right,” Glory said with clear disdain. All before her looked shame-facedly away. They knew they were nothing, but it still hurt to hear their Mistress speak it aloud. Not that she noticed, “You’re all useless when it comes to fisticuffs and there’s no way that tramp is going to give me what I want just by asking. So… who is it?”


Grono and Ginx held up a mirror between them and muttered their ancient and demonic language. In the mirror, a hazy outline formed. It quickly came into focus, the image of a skinny, dark haired girl of perhaps fifteen or sixteen smiled out at them.


“The sister?! Really? Huh,” Glory said surprised. She’d been so sure that the monks were more clever than that. “Well, why didn’t you guys tell me that she was a probable choice before,” she glared at them.


They all looked away and remained silent.


“Useless. I’m changing my shoes, there’s no way I’m breaking another set of heels and then I’ll just run out there and pick up my prize. Gather weapons, I expect you to keep little Dawnie guarded well in case Ben mucks things up by coming back.”


Glory turned to go upstairs to her bedroom for her one pair of semi-stylish flats. Ordinarily she wouldn’t be caught dead in them, but sometimes practicality had to take precedence over looking good. Even for her Majestic self. She looked over her shoulder at the minions, still scraping and bowing and being lazy, as far as she could see.


“Well, go on,” she said in exasperation. “Time’s a wasting, you maggots! Chop, chop!”




As the sounds of people jumping and climbing sounded behind him, Giles made his way up front. He could see Spike worriedly looking down at Xander and was again amazed at how human-like this particular strain of hellbeast could seem, on occasion.


“Xander, are you still with us,” Giles asked as he bent awkwardly over the young man.


“I must be. It hurts too much to be dreaming.”


“He’s bleeding out! Get your old, flabby arse down here and do something,” Spike said; fangs, yellow eyes and beetled forehead showing.


“Relax, Spike. If he were bleeding out, he’d be unconscious by now. And you do realize that the fangs are less terrifying when one knows you can’t use them?”


“Never mind that, he could have nicked his bowels. For all we know, he’s going into septic shock, right now!”


“I’m fine, Spike,” Xander tried to insist.


“No, you’re not. You’re delirious… be quiet.”


Giles sighed, annoyed. “Spike… you know if he’d punctured his bowel, we’d know. It wouldn’t take enhanced senses to smell the result. Now move that towel and let me look at the damage. How are you feeling, Xander? Really?”


“Woozy… in pain… it’s not bad, Giles,” he grimaced. “Don’t let mother hen over here worry you.”


It really isn’t, Xander, Hyena assured him.


Yeah? When did you get a medical degree?


Don’t need one. I can tell. It’s going to hurt like a bitch, but the bleeding looks worse than it is.


I’d feel better if Commando would pipe up about it. Where the hell is he in there?


…. I wouldn’t know, Hyena whispered before fading out.


“Xander! Come back to us… don’t fade out on me,” Spike barked.


Giles glanced at Spike holding a towel sopping with Xander’s blood. He still wore his ‘game face’ as the children insisted on calling it. It was disconcerting.


“Spike, unless you plan on biting that bloody towel, I’d wish you’d put the face away for the moment,” Giles said as he went about probing around Xander’s wound. He was going to add something mildly insulting about the vampire doing what vampires did, but this wasn’t the time or place. Besides, he’d already made his displeasure known to Xander regarding their liaison. It was best to let things lie until they were over this newest crisis.


“Xander, I’m going to try a healing spell. Now, I’m not the best suited for this sort of thing, but I believe I can lessen the bleeding. Try to stay still,” he said as he laid his hands directly on the wound, eliciting a pained groan from his patient.


Giles took a moment and a breath to center himself.


“Oh, get on with it, would you,” Spike growled.


“Hey, Fangly… let the man concentrate. I don’t want be all backed up, ‘cause you caused him to seal off my innards.”


“If the two of you would, kindly, stop arguing until after the incantation,” Giles said.


“Vein joins to vein, Skin mends to skin, Tissue binds with tissue. Blood remains with blood, Flesh holds to flesh, Sinew bonds to sinew. Let the Goddess who is Unnamed Light grant our appeal.”


This Giles repeated three more times, before re-opening his eyes. He looked a little more worn, but it appeared that the Goddess heard, for Xander’s side was no longer leaking fluid. It wasn’t exactly healed, but at least he wasn’t losing any more blood.


“I’ve managed to stop the bleeding,” he smiled reassuringly at Xander.


“Let’s get him out of here, then,” Spike said impatiently. He hadn’t forgotten that the Knights were going to be making a return visit.


“I’ll help him out,” Buffy’s voice startled Giles. She had obviously lowered herself into the wreckage while he was busy.


“First, see if you can find another clean towel or rag, Buffy. We need to cover the wound as well as we can. My spell won’t last forever and we’re going to need to get Xander to a hospital for sutures.”


“Don’t we have a mending kit in this heap,” Spike said. “I can sew him up, myself.”


“I don’t believe so, but if we do, it’s undoubtedly buried in the rest of the refuse,” Giles sighed. The blood on his hands was becoming tacky and made it more difficult to ignore that once again someone he cared about had been hurt.


“I’ll look for it. You guys get out and find shelter,” Spike volunteered. “It’s not like I can go with you.”


“Hey, hey, wait,” Xander interrupted as Spike man-handled him over to Buffy. “What do you mean? If you think we’re just abandoning you, Fangless, then you’re insane. Not after all the trouble we went through to get you back.”


“Think a minute, Xan. Bright sunlight outside… I’m not going to do much good if I’m drifting away on the breeze.”


“He’s right, Xan,” Buffy said with obvious regret. “Spike can’t leave until sundown and we can’t stay here.”


“Why the hell not,” Xander replied angrily. “It’s not like I’m up for a hike back to town.”


Buffy put a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Dawn says she saw an abandoned gas station or something. It’s about three miles back she thinks and a few hundred yards off from the road. We can regroup there until we know what we’re doing next. Spike can find us easily enough once he’s not going to go flambé.”


“B-but what if the Knights return,” he turned toward Spike. “You’ll be defenseless!”


“They’re not going to waste time with the wreck. I’ll be okay, mate. And I’ll see you again. Just do what the Slayer and Watcher tell you… don’t make your wound any worse, yeah?”




“There’s no other choice, love. And we both know it,” Spike dipped his head forward and caught Xander’s lips with his own. It was a short, hard kiss. “We’ll meet up later.”


Giles cleared his throat. When everyone looked at him, he was finishing wiping his glasses in his Giles-way and replacing them. “I suggest we move.”


Buffy helped Giles up until he could grab onto the window frame above him and haul himself out. Next she did the same for Xander as Giles grabbed his arms. He hissed and swore the whole way up, but he made it in relatively short order and without causing any more bleeding from the magically sealed blood vessels.


“You couldn’t throw in a morphine spell while you were at it,” he grinned at Giles.


In the cabin of the R.V., Buffy took hold of Spike’s hand briefly. “I’ll take care of him, Spike.”


“Good luck, Slayer. If you decide you need to move, don’t wait for me, you hear? You don’t wait.”


“Hey, we’re still us,” she smiled, “Would I really wait for you?”




Spike sat in the shadows and listened to the gang (his friends?) walk away. He couldn’t keep the smile from his face as he heard Xander complaining that he was having a hard time feeling manly when Buffy was carrying him like a toddler. If he was still joking around, and in a stronger voice yet, then Giles’ spell must have really worked.


Still the old man had been right. He’d need proper medical attention.


He sized up the sheet of sunlight that streamed down uncomfortably from the broken out window. If there was a sewing kit, it would be in what was left of the bedroom, and that lay on the other side.


He grimaced, but didn’t hesitate. Making a leap he felt the pricks and pins of the sunlight hitting the top of his head and face. It didn’t take but moments to get through… far too fast for there to be any danger of conflagration, but still his scalp and exposed skin prickled uncomfortably.


In his hand he realized he still held the bloody towel in a death grip. He swallowed reflexively as his stomach nearly growled. Breathing in the heavy scent, he guiltily brought it to his lips.


It’s going to go to waste if I don’t use it. And Xan loves me, he says. He won’t mind if I… I mean, he knows that I wouldn’t feed from him, but this is just a towel. And I’m getting so hungry; nothing packed in the rush to get out of the ‘Dale…. And it’s just a towel.


Spike placed the towel in his mouth and started to suck hard. He felt disgusting. And excited.





End Chapter 13


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