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Ch 18

Disclaimer: Legal stuff, don't own characters, haven't made any money, this is for entertainment purposes, no profit earned, lawyers go away. –kisses-

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POV: Shifts Perspective

Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past episodes and especially the Spanderverse series.

Notes: Story number Nineteen in the Spanderverse-universe, following “Songs of Pain and Comfort”. Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline.



Battling with a God

Ch 18 – Destruction


Ripper Giles floated inches off the ground and glided down Glory’s hallway leading to her penthouse flat. In his wake, the walls cracked and the ceiling sagged in. Wall sconces burst and the doors that he floated past burst inward.


When he reached his goal, he flicked his fingers and the solid double doors to the god’s place exploded into lethal wood shards into the room beyond. He crossed the threshold and met Glory, standing across the room with a pissy expression on her face.


“That door was expensive,” she bitched. “And I thought it was going to be the witch. If I had known it was just the old man, I wouldn’t have gotten myself so excited with anticipation.”


“I want the girl,” Giles said, his voice several timbres lower than normal and with an odd reverb affect. He never lost the malevolent smile on his face.


“There is no girl. There’s only my Key. ‘Key’ word being ‘MY’.”


“Dawn,” he roared, rattling the windows and cracking a wall mirror nearby. He expected that she wouldn’t be here, but he had to make sure. He couldn’t do what he was planning on doing if the object of this gambit were present.


“Don’t be an idiot,” Glory sneered. She reached over and picked up an end table of cherry wood. She hauled back her arm and threw it across the room and into Giles’ floating figure.


The table halted inches from hitting him and promptly shattered into small pieces which rained down on the thick carpeting.


“Kirilmak,” he intoned. A mirror near Glory, all of the windows around the suite and plaster from the walls seemed to implode. Shards of lethal material zeroed in on the Hellgod shredding her dress as well as the furnishings they punctured in their flight.


Glory stood unaffected.


“You’ll have to do better than that,” she said. Picking up a huge shard of mirrored glass she raked it over her face, leaving not even a red line behind. “You see… immune to glass shards. Are you?”


Glory wound up and threw the shard of glass sending it flying into Giles. He grunted as it penetrated the field around him. It had whizzed too fast for him to catch, digging into his shoulder. Blood ran from the wound and dripped to the floor.


“Starting to see the difference between a God and a man, now,” Glory wanted to know.


“Slap her down,” spoken in Turkish was his only response.


Across the room, Glory was hit violently to the ground. Easily the blow would have staved in a man’s head, but she simply shook it off.


“Well, son of a bitch, but you’ve got some brass balls,” she said. Grabbing a settee, she flung this at Giles.


The massive furniture was easily stopped in mid stride by him and torn in half. The two ends were flung in opposite directions, hitting the walls and leaving huge tears in the plaster.


Glory marched toward him. Giles only smiled more.


“Bleed her,” he intoned.


She stumbled to a halt and ran a finger under her nose. When she drew it away, she saw red liquid. “What? I can’t bleed… I’m a God.”


“Bleed her more,” Giles said, only speaking in Turkish. In the more rational part of Giles’ mind, he knew that he was starting to weaken. He could only absorb so much power from the ‘Book of Midnight’ and he was storing most of it for the end game. He was worried it wouldn’t be enough, however and so was trying to soften her up.


Glory sucked in her cheeks and spat out a mouthful of pinkish spit. It wasn’t nearly deadly and Giles knew that she should have been hemorrhaging all over the room by now. But still she marched toward him, floating there and waiting.


“Don,” he tried, hoping to freeze her in place.


Glorificus struggled to continue her forward march, growing more and more angry by the moment. She wasn’t used to being hurt, but the witch and now this Watcher had managed it and she had had just about enough.


With a frustrated gnashing of her teeth and scream of rage, she flexed her arms feeling the invisible shell around her rend and tear. She smiled savagely and continued her relentless march to get her hands on the old goat.


Giles felt the holding field rip and fall away from his prey and the backlash racked his body in pain. Gasping, he fell to the carpet and struggled to get to his hands and knees. Glory stood over him with a look of triumph on her face.


“Kandir onun ol uyuya kal,” he gritted between his teeth. “Let her be fallen,” he repeated.


Glory felt her legs lose their strength and she fell to the floor besides Giles. He was huffing and puffing, the dark energy taking their toll on his body as he struggled not to lose who he was. Glory was just livid and with a cry of vengeance, she struck out with her fist.


He felt the blow and knew he should be dead. Only the fact that he had a sheath of dark magicks riding his flesh kept his head attached and his bones unbroken. But nevertheless, he was propelled across the room, blacking out momentarily.


When he’d revived only moments later, his face was being washed by the rain and lightning was dazzling his eyes. He felt a strong grip on his legs and before he could do anything about it he was hauled back into the penthouse. His upper body had broken through the outside wall.


“I’m going to kill you,” Glory said with spite.


“Y-you’re forget-ting one thing,” Giles panted.


“And that would be?”


“Some of us aren’t afraid to die… to protect others,” he said.


Glory saw a burst of dark bluish/black light behind his eyes and braced herself, “Crap.”




Outside the condo, Buffy could see flashes of light near the top floor. Giles, she thought worriedly.


A moment later and the entire top floor of the building exploded in a burst of light and sound that drowned out the thunderstorm raging above.


“Giles,” she screamed over and over running for the burning and rapidly imploding building. The noise of the condominium’s death drowned out her cries.





End Chapter 18


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