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Chapter 19

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POV: Shifts Perspective

Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past episodes and especially the Spanderverse series.

Notes: Story number Nineteen in the Spanderverse-universe, following “Songs of Pain and Comfort”. Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline.



Battle with a God

Ch 19 – What was Sown


As Spike swerved Xander’s car into the condominium parking lot, he saw the entire building cave in on itself. Ditching the car, he rushed toward the wreckage, looking for any signs of Buffy and Giles, though he held no hope of either.


If they were in there, there won’t even be intact bodies to bury left, he thought.


To his amazement, he found Buffy crying in the rain which was quickly lessening. She was cradling her Watcher’s body in her lap and repeating his name. Somehow, he’d ended up twenty feet from the destroyed complex.


“Buffy… is he?”


“He’s alive,” she shouted in relief. He could see now the smile on her face. Her tears had been those of relief. “I don’t know how, but he’s alive!”




“I think I saw her. A body-shape went flying somewhere way the hell over there,” she pointed off to the northeast. “Maybe he killed her?”


“We’ll see,” he said. “In the meantime, we need to get out of here. The authorities are gonna be crawling all over this place in minutes.”


Buffy picked up Giles and wouldn’t let Spike help her carry him. He led the way back to Xander’s ugly purple Taurus and opened the back door for her. She crawled in, refusing to leave Giles’ side.




Tara and Willow shifted things around looking for anything that could be used to keep Glory busy while they tried to get Dawn away from her. So far they’d found and rejected a mummy’s hand, some candles, newt’s tails, three cats’ eyes (the real things, not the marbles) and a fetish doll designed to attract the opposite sex. In one of Willow’s hands glowed the Sphere that was supposed to drive Glory away. Fat lot of good it did when she was tearing apart the shop, but things were desperate so she kept it with her.


Tara squeaked startled, her hand to her chest. “Gee, that was not what I needed,” she laughed.


Willow looked over her shoulder to see two sets of blank eyes staring at her unblinkingly. It was pretty creepy, at that.


“We should have disassembled these things by now,” Tara said. “I mean, I know you find robotics interesting and all, but… ‘ew’ and a shudder.”


“Yeah… I’ll match your shudder and raise a….” Willow faded off, a thoughtful look in her eyes.


Willow? Can’t come up with anything to raise my shudder to?” Tara smiled and pecked Willow’s lips, drawing her back from where ever her mind had gone.


“Actually, I think I can raise you a ‘I can’t believe I’m even thinking this’. I’ve got a wild idea. I’m going to have Spike take me to the dorm so I can grab my laptop.”


“Will,” Tara asked, mystified.




Buffy and Spike arrived with an unconscious Giles. With Anya doing her mystic snoring on the sofa, they laid Giles out on the floor. Buffy left it to Spike to check him over, depending on both his sense of smell for internal bleeding and his sense of touch for recognizing broken body parts. He declared that Giles was in far better shape than he deserved considering his stupidity.


“Thanks, Spike. But leave kicking his ass to me,” Buffy said. “Come on, Giles…, please wake up.”


From the floor, he stirred, blinking rapidly and started to sit up. The gang surrounded him, greatly relieved until he opened his eyes and they were black as pitch. He stood up and surveyed the room.


“Did I do it,” he said in his deep, echo-y baritone.


“We don’t know Rupes. Maybe,” Spike answered.


“Don’t ever call me that you undead filth,” Giles spat at him.


“Now, wait just a damned minute,” Xander said before he was rudely cut off by Giles’ fist knocking him to the floor.


Spike immediately sprang to his fangs and moved to tackle the surely-possessed Giles.


“Vampiric leech,” Giles sneered, pointing at Spike he intoned, “Flesh to dust.”


Fortunately for Spike, Tara was faster on the draw. Summoning her will, she sent a bolt of mental force in his direction. Spike was violently shoved away just as he felt his skin begin to peel.


“Giles, what have you done,” Willow exclaimed.


“You only want to know to steal my power… my greatness … from me!” Giles again pointed, this time needing no words. Willow was lifted off the floor and sent flying across the room. She hit the shelves behind the register counter with a loud grunt and fell to the floor.


Xander grabbed Giles around the legs and tried to wrestle him to the floor. As his hands began to burn red, Giles reached down to grab hold of the back of Xander’s neck, when Buffy put a stop to everything by spin kicking Giles to the jaw.


He flipped over Xander’s bent figure and slammed into the floor, once again unconscious.


For several moments, no one did anything. They just looked at one another at a loss. Finally, Buffy walked away, retreating to the back work out room of the shop.


“Giles must have tapped into some majorly dark mojo,” Willow said with a groan. “And ‘ow’.”


“This is what I fear, Willow,” Tara said. Her eyes were wide in a pale face. “This is why I don’t want you messing with dark magic.”


“What do we do with him,” Spike wanted to know.


“What do you mean? I mean,” Xander floundered. “I mean he’s still Giles, right?”


“It’ll be okay,” Willow said. “Xander, why don’t you check on Buffy? Tara and I will set up a binding field and exorcise whatever darkness he’s taken.”


“Spike, I hate to ask,” Tara said shyly. “But if I give you some money could you go buy some donuts and coffee. We have a lot of planning to do once we’ve reversed what Mr. Giles has gotten himself into.”


Xander, who was headed toward the back turned with a grin, “Who’s the donut boy, now?”


“Shut it, ya wanker! Anything for you,” Spike said to Tara.


“And I need you to go get my laptop from our dorm room, Spike,” Willow added.


“Hey, now, I’m not turning into a delivery boy here!”


“It’s important, Spike. I’ve got an idea to help get Dawn back,” she said.


“And besides, I’ll add a few bucks for cigarettes and blood,” Tara smiled.


“You had me at cigarettes, Blondie.”




In the back, Xander found Buffy standing with her face toward a wall. She was leaning forward, her forehead resting on her arms. Her eyes were closed and her shoulders were bunched up.


“Do you need to cry again,” he said. “Because, hey, manly shoulders are right here waiting.”


She turned to him with a thin smile. “No, the water works have been tapped out for the moment.”


“You sure? ‘Cause you’re really due, Buff. This has been one crap couple of months for you. I wouldn’t blame you if you needed to curl into a ball.”


“No time. We need to save Giles from himself, then plan Dawn’s rescue, then kick Giles’ ass for the stunt he pulled and then finally rescue Dawn, kill the evil minions and maybe slag a god, if Giles didn’t do it already.”


She stretched her arms over her head and Xander looked away before he could get caught staring at her breasts. Hey, just because there was this weird thing with Spike didn’t mean he couldn’t still appreciate the female physique.


“It just keeps coming, Xan. Now, Glory has her Key and I don’t even know what’s going to happen to Dawn. I can’t lose her, Xander. I just can’t… not after mom… not after I gave up Angel. I just can’t take another loss. I don’t have enough strength in me, anymore.”


“It’ll be okay, Buffy. The two witches are exorcising Giles, or whatever. Then we’ll storm the… wherever they’re holding Dawn… and we’ll beat them back, rescue her and restore Anya, and then live happily and boringly ever after,” he said.


“I love you guys.”


“Good. ‘Cause we love you, too.”




In the main part of the trashed shop, Willow and Tara managed to scrounge enough crystals to encircle Giles’ prostrate form. Relighting the candles that had ended up being extinguished and kicked around in the commotion, they set to chanting.


Buffy and Xander entered from the back room, hand in hand. They stood well back as the crystals glowed with an inner light around her Watcher.


“We banish thee, Spirit of Darkness, Corrupter of Men. We drive thee from this vessel,” they intoned. Goose flesh appearing on their arms and their hair stood on end, like they’d come into contact with static electricity.


The witches continued to chant these lines over and over. After around the dozen mark, Buffy feared that it wasn’t going to work. Suddenly the candles shot flames nearly a foot high and the crystals shot some sort of white lightning things at Giles. The witches chant picked up speed and volume as Buffy and Xander watched some sort of dark energy rise up out of Giles from his mouth. It twisted and danced, like smoke from Spike’s cigarette and several times, she could almost see a malevolent face forming before it fell back into random spirals.


As the darkness coalesced into a blob, it shot from the binding field and seemed to disintegrate or drift apart in the air. Next to her, Xander suddenly grabbed his head and sank to his knees.




“I’m okay, Buffster. I just got dizzy there for a second. I think the day is finally catching up with me.”


“You sure you’re alright? ‘Cause we don’t need any more surprises.”


“Yeah… I’m good. Honest, I’m just exhausted.”


“I hear that,” Buffy nodded.




The black magical force that Giles had taken into himself flowed out over Sunnydale. In its wake, the rain fell hard and lightning flashed across the sky. It entered Giles’ apartment and found its way back into its holding place. The words he’d taken rewrote themselves and the dark energy resumed its rightful place, waiting for the next opportunity to dominate and destroy.


In Xander’s mind, Hyena felt the rush of darkness filter out into the night. She reached out and tapped into it, allowing it to fill her with strength… and lust.


She turned to where Commando was cut off from Xander’s perception. Commando screamed unnoticed by the physical Xander as Hyena tore him apart, permanently discorporating him.


As rapidly as she could, she raced to expand her own consciousness before Xander’s own psyche could fill the gap that Commando’s personality had occupied. She smiled, nearly licking her lips in anticipation.


One down and one to go, she thought with the satisfaction only a good kill could bring. And then I’ll be the one to take Spike. Then it’ll be Buffy’s turn and I will finally take my rightful place in charge of the pack! But first I have to help the other Xan take care of the Glory-hag or convince him to finally kill that sniveling, weak Dawn. One way or the other though, she directed both toward Buffy and Xander, your days are numbered.


Hyena laughter echoed deeply inside Xander’s subconscious.





End Chapter 19

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