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POV: Shifts Perspective

Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past episodes and especially the Spanderverse series.

Notes: Story number Nineteen in the Spanderverse-universe, following “Songs of Pain and Comfort”. Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline.



Battling with a God

Ch 24 – Battle Royale


Xander followed five feet behind Anya as she trudged down the middle of the street. She hung a sharp right on Sixth and he started to recognize where she was headed. He knew that there was another construction company working at Sixth and Iris on a custom boutique project. His boss had mentioned bidding on it before he’d been more successful with the mall job. It was largely empty still with plenty of space for portal opening.


He glanced behind him to make sure the others were there. They were, back about ten feet or so. Spike quickly jogged up and joined him.


“She’s headed for that new construction site,” Spike said.


“Yeah, but how’d you know?”


“Wandering. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands at night, you know. Willow better get her ass up here; she’s going to have to act fast,” he reached down and gave Xander’s hand a brief squeeze. “And you watch your back. I haven’t had a chance to plunder that virgin ass, yet,” he smirked.


“Very romantic,” Xander deadpanned. “I hope you’re not letting that be your last words to me before all hell breaks loose.”


Spike only smirked more.


“Ass,” Xander grinned.




In the construction office, Glory stood over Dawn as the dwarves pulled her clothing off of her. In the god’s hands was an old-time dress. The kind that a fairy tale princess might wear in the King’s Court. It was made of dark blue velvet and had ivory stitching. Symbols in blood red material were sewn down the arms and along the dress’ hemline. There was lace at the wrists and along the neckline that annoyed Dawn’s skin.


“I can get dressed on my own,” she complained. The imps weren’t touching her inappropriately, or anything, but their skin was rough and scratchy. She thought they could really use some industrial strength hand lotion.


“I don’t have time for you to putter around.”


Dawn’s forehead had already been anointed with oil. It smelled like a combination of olive oil and a lavender scent. It made her eyes water a little and her skin burn a bit, like there might have been hot pepper oil or something in it as well.


Once the gnomes had the dress on her and done up the back, Glory directed them to take her to the tower.


“Wait!” Dawn yelled at them.


“What is it,” Glory sighed. “Look, kid, I’m sorry this is the way it has to be, alright? Which is weird, since I’m supposed to be above all that. But, honestly, we don’t have time to play right now.”


“I just want…,” Dawn reached out and took her clothes from the dwarves. She carefully folded them neatly, despite the fact they desperately needed a washing machine. Walking over to the chair in the middle of the room, she placed them in a neat pile. She was currently barefoot (another part of the ritual that seemed without any real purpose) so she placed her sneakers under the chair. She hoped Buffy would find them, that maybe she’d know that Dawn was brave this way.


“Okay, enough of this stalling,” Glory said. “Grab her.”


Dawn struggled, but the minions had her outnumbered and out muscled. They dragged her toward the tower and Dawn started to shake. The whole thing looked like it wanted to fall on her head. She couldn’t make herself believe what they were going to risk, until they began to yank her up the stairs.


“Are you guys crazy,” she screamed. “This whole thing is going to fall apart! It was built by crazy people!”


Glory’s worshippers didn’t reply, but Dawn caught the fear in their eyes. They were just as worried about the tower’s less than specs construction as she was.




As expected, Anya turned toward the construction yard and quickened her pace. The gang had caught up with Spike and Xander and they were all now hurrying, as well.


“You’re up, Willow,” Buffy said.


“Good luck, Wills,” Xander had taken her hand in a brief squeeze as she went to rush past.


“I’ll get Anya back,” she said with determination.


She dashed across the street as the others followed, keeping one eye open for Glory while trying to keep Anya in sight. As she had hoped, Xander’s ex was making a direct beeline for her. Willow kept her eyes roaming, but with so much activity, no one seemed to be paying her any attention.


She watched as Anya picked up a plank of wood and headed for the most unsafe looking tower she’d ever seen. The whole thing was swaying back and forth in the wind and making ominous groaning and metallic squealing sounds. It was as if the whole thing wanted to crash down at any moment and judging by the way it looked, that could’ve well been the case.


As Willow watched, Glory noted Anya’s presence. She had a thoughtful frown on her face and then she began to move through the crowd between them, shoving aside the rest of the crazies roughly. Willow made her move.


“What are you doing here,” Glory demanded of Anya, yanking the wood plank from her.


“She’s with me,” Willow angrily replied. Sticking one hand on Glory’s head and one on Anya’s, she was disconcerted when she felt her fingers slide into their skulls.


Permissum sanitas no ex suum ut erus, she thought. At nearly the same time she intoned, “Let Anya’s spirit return from its exile!”




As Buffy, Giles, Tara and the robots stormed into the construction yard, they could see white swirling light around Willow, Glory and Anya’s heads. The light seemed to merge and separate in a complicated dance around the figures.


Willow was grimacing with obvious effort as she tried to manage the strain. Glory was screaming as her body violently shook, her hands reflexively clenched at her side. Anya’s mouth was also opened as if she were yelling out in pain, but no sound issued from her. Her face was lined with strain as well and tears were streaming from her eyes.


Behind the others, Xander grabbed Spike suddenly, “I’ve got an idea. It’s not a tank, but it might be almost as good.”


“Be careful,” Spike yelled as Xander disappeared around the side of the yard’s street-side wooden fence. He then dashed into the yard proper to see where he could help the most.


The light show culminated in a massive burst of white light. The three participants in the mind spell were flung backward violently away from each other. Glory was thrown into a pile of bricks, knocking down two of the mentally raped that were gathering them while Anya collided with a stack of two by fours. She fell to the ground unmoving.


“Robots, get Glory,” Buffy commanded, sending them to engage her.


Giles ran for Anya to check her condition, but ended up being grabbed by three of the mental patients. He began to lash out with a fist and the flat of his ax.


Willow!” Tara took off at a run for Willow’s prone form. A minion in its brown robe ran to intercept her with a dagger, but she muttered a bit of Latin and the Guev found itself tripped up by an invisible force.


In front of Spike, a group of four more humans looking dazed rushed him. He grimaced, knowing how fast he’d be rendered useless if he tried to hit any of them. As they approached to within a few feet of him, he concentrated his energies. A moment later and he’d leaped clear over their heads, alighting on the ground behind them. A Glory-minion tried to intercept him, but he used his momentum against him, sending him crashing into the human mob behind him. He was pleased to find that the chip didn’t react to that as a deliberate attack on the confused people.


Rushing to Anya’s side, he checked for a pulse. With a quick glance to make sure there wasn’t an attacker coming up behind him, he shook her as gently as he knew how. She stirred, and met his eyes.


“Spike? Spike, where are we? What’s going on? Where’s Xander at?”


“Nice to have you back, Demon-Girl. Stay down, we’re in the middle of the showdown with Glory,” he said. He leaped back to his feet and looked for the nearest body he could hit, vamping out at the same time.


While Spike began to engage in fist to dagger combat with a minion, Anya crawled away. Not to hide however, she was looking for something to use as a club… something in a crowbar, maybe.


I may not be a Vengeance Demon anymore, but nobody violates me and gets away with it, she glared at the chaos around her.


As Spike was bringing Anya around, Tara was working on doing the same for Willow. Two minions again approached them, but Tara muttered another incantation, and they fell to the ground covered in itching, burning boils.


“No one hurts my girl,” she shouted at them before returning to lightly slapping at Willow’s face and pleading with her to rouse herself.




Buffy followed behind the robots, before taking a detour around a supplies shed. As she made her way behind Glory, she heard the Buffybot confront the god.


“You don’t look very well, Glory. Anything I can help you with?”


Glory grunted, rubbing at her head. “My head… that witch… a hole. There’s a hole in my brain. What did that bitch do to me? …You! Guess I could use another brain about now.”


“Well, feel free to borrow mine, if you can take it.”


“Oh, I’m taking it alright you stupid, little tramp.”


“I hear a lot of talking,” Buffybot replied, “But not seeing a lot of action. Whereas in your position, I probably would have been attacking me by now.”


“It’s… that witch… my head,” Glory shook it, trying to clear the fogginess that seemed to be making it hard for her to think all of the sudden.


“Oh, I don’t think it’s Willow. It might be this,” Buffybot brought the Dagon’s Sphere around from behind her back. “Rumor has it that it’s supposed to repel you, or something.”


“I-if you think that bauble is going to stop me…,” Glory looked on the globe with worry.


“I was actually thinking if you’re not supposed to get near it, you probably shouldn’t touch it either.” The Buffybot tossed the orb at Glory. She didn’t understand why or how it was doing anything. It was all illogical to her, but Willow’s instructions were clear, so she followed them.


Glory reflexively reached out a hand and caught the Sphere, immediately grimacing. Her cry of pain brought satisfaction to both of the Buffies. Behind Glory, April approached while Buffy began to scan for Dawn’s holding place.


Buffy(bot) marched up to Glory, who was able to crush the Dagon Sphere in her fist. She didn’t like what it had done to her. She felt slower, weaker and the hole in her head was still making it hard for her to think. This isn’t right! I’m a God! I can’t be brought low, like this, she silently raged. At least until she received a punch to her face, followed by a strong kick to her gut.


“If you think that was enough to stop me…,” Glory was cut off by a double fisted punch from Buffybot.


As she spun around, a second set of fists plowed into the side of her face.


“Hey! Who the hell are you,” she gritted between her teeth at a short, dark haired girl with a scowl.


“I’m Faith, the Vampire Slayer,” Aprilbot exclaimed. “And you are history!”


The newly minted Faithbot high kicked Glory to the face while behind her Buffybot was grabbing at her arms. The robots tag teamed her, just as Willow had hoped.


They weren’t really hurting her unfortunately, however. And Glory was beginning to shake off the effects of the Sphere. With a kick of her own, she sent ‘Faith’ flying several feet to crash into a roll on the ground. She spun around, effectively breaking ‘Buffy’s’ grip on her and punched the robot in the face. It should have taken off her head, but Glory was still weakened, somewhat, and the robot rolled with the hit.


“You know, I’m starting to feel a whole lot better,” Glory menaced. “Now, about that brain….”


Unknown to Glory, Buffy and her hammer had taken Aprilbot’s place. Behind them both, the robot was just coming around after re-routing some minor damage.


“I’m sorry,” Buffybot was saying, “I’m not really in the mood to give anymo—squirk—mpph.” The robot’s neck sent out a shower of sparks as another punch by Glory, this time, did send the head flying from its body.


Glory looked at ‘Buffy’ in amused amazement. “Hey! The Slayer is a robot! Did anyone else know Buffy was a robot?” She naturally didn’t receive a reply. Everyone was too busy fighting the Scooby Gang.


Behind her she heard someone clear her throat, “Glory?”


The Hellgod spun around, recognizing Buffy’s voice. She saw Buffy swing something that looked large and then the pain was registering on her jaw and she felt herself propelled through the air. She slammed into an outbuilding’s corrugated steel wall.


“You’re really not the brightest god in the heavens, now are you,” Buffy muttered, not caring whether Glory heard her or not. Again she was searching for any sign of Dawn when she heard her sister’s screams from up above her. Way up above her, in fact.


No, the ritual, she thought in a panic and ran for the tower’s stairs.


She met Aprilbot as she rushed toward the tower. “Keep her busy,” she exclaimed, pointing over her shoulder.


“No problem, B. It’ll be 5 by 5,” Aprilbot nearly growled out.




Buffy ran through the crowd, occasionally striking at a dazed human who tried to grab at her. She made it to the stairs, only to see two of Glory’s twits with daggers drawn standing in the way. A few jabs and throws and they were quickly sent to the ground.


Far behind, April was straddling Glory and pounding at her face.


“Okay, that does it,” Glory responded. She grabbed the other Slayer’s arms (And where the hell did she come from, she thought) and threw her off. Looking around at the pandemonium, she caught a brief flash of blonde hair streaming in the wind and heading up the stairs toward her Key.


“Oh, hell no, you don’t!” She took off after Buffy.


Around her, the minions and the converts were fighting with Buffy’s pals. She wished she had time to deal with them. Nothing would have given her more satisfaction than showing Buffy her friend’s bloody limbs before snapping her neck. But time was wasting and it was very close to the moment when the Key needed to open her doorway. She ignored her minions’ cries for help and ran up the stairway.


Behind her and hot on her heels ran ‘Faith’.




On the ground surrounding the tower, furious battles were ongoing in small clusters. Tara was on the ground now, kneeling in exhaustion as she fired spell after incantation after shielding energy. Willow was roused now and had never been so impressed with her girlfriend. It was like she was possessed, only the good kind where she was kicking demon ass.


“I don’t have much left,” Tara groaned.


“It’s okay, baby. I can take over,” Willow’s eyes went briefly dark. She sent a large cloud of force and watched in triumph as dozens of converts and three of Glory’s minions went flying. They all landed roughly six feet away. She smiled at Tara… and then collapsed again.




“I’m okay. But, uh, I’m not as recovered as I thought. I think we better find somewhere more out of the way.”




Giles blocked two dagger strikes with the long handle of his ax. Immediately he followed up by stomping on one of the minions toes. As that one screeched and fell back on its butt, he swung his ax in a wide arc. Goro’s head flew off of his shoulders, the stump of his neck shooting a wide arc of dark, thick and black blood in a geyser. Grono immediately backtracked on its hands and feet, yelling for mercy.


Giles threw his ax, impaling Grono through the face. The imp fell to the ground with a pained groan of shock and then expired. Giles’ feeling of triumph was short lived as one of the mentally sucked slammed him in the stomach with a piece of board, causing him to fall to the ground. The crazy immediately tackled him and Giles found himself struggling to keep the man from biting him in his face.




Xander sat in the cab of a wrecking ball truck, frustrated. He’d been able to start the engine but there were so many levers and switches. This had seemed like such a good idea, but now he just felt useless and stupid. He’d never driven one of these things; in fact, he’d never had one at the sites he’d worked at even.


Don’t sweat it, Hyena piped in. You can do this, Xander! Just take a deep breath and look… really look at the controls. They’re laid out in a way that would make sense, you just need to relax and see the pattern.


Xander did as Hyena suggested. He closed his eyes and tried to block out the sounds of combat, the thoughts of his friends in danger, the fear that they were bleeding or dying while he sat here. When he opened his eyes again, he saw that Hyena was right. They did make a logical pattern. He put the rig in drive and smashed through a cheap fence. Testing the ball by swinging it back and forth and higher and lower for a few moments, he looked around the chaotic site.


“Now where is that Hellbitch? I’ve got a little surprise!”




Spike had just broken the neck of Granier when he found himself tackled from behind. Lashing out, he felt his elbow connect with the nose of something. Turning around, he found himself surrounded and being piled on by a group of humans. One of these was lying in the dirt, holding his bloody nose and groaning.


Chip don’t work as long as I don’t know what I’m hitting, he realized. Unfortunately, ignorance was no longer possible and the moment he grabbed the wrists of a grasping set of hands, the chip starting buzzing painfully.






“Buffy,” Dawn screamed. She could just barely make out human figures climbing toward her up the Tower. Even though the details weren’t clear, she recognized the Goddess of Skank and her sister. There was another one behind them, but she didn’t know who.


Movement caught her attention and she raised her head. At the foot of the extended ramp on which they’d tied her, stood one of the minions. It might have been Guev or maybe, Ginx… it was hard to keep them straight.


“Stop all that struggling, Dearie. It won’t help,” Ginx said nastily as she approached the Key.


“Please, please, just let me go,” Dawn whimpered.


“And deny her Most Luscious and Brilliant Luminescence from taking us home?” The goblin barked out a short laughter. “It’s almost time. Just play the hand you’re dealt, Dawn. Show a little bit of backbone.”


She smiled evilly and pulled out a short, jeweled dagger.


“No! No… Buffy!” Dawn yanked at the ropes binding her wrist, but they refused to break. She watched wide eyed and terrorized as the female minion got closer and closer with the blade.




Buffy was midway up the stairs when she heard her sister’s screams. There was one last level after which the stairs ended and she would have to climb the ladders provided. She was just ascending onto this level when Glory appeared in front of her and swung her fist, hitting her in the abdomen, hard. Buffy felt something tear in her middle, but managed to swing the Troll hammer, anyway. It connected with Glory’s jaw, eliciting a surprised grunt from her, but even that didn’t stop her. Glory kicked her into the scaffolding. As she bounced off, she shoved out in front of her with the hammer, slamming Glory in the chest and causing her to stumble backward. Above her, Dawn continued to scream for her. They exchanged a few more blows with Buffy careful not to let herself get hit quite so hard again. Her middle was screaming in protest, but she ignored the pain and concentrated on Dawn’s voice above her.


Glory again lashed out, this time hitting her wrist. Losing her grip on the hammer, she watched it go flying. It went tumbling out into the air off of the tower until its momentum was halted as it got wrapped up in hanging chains. Buffy knocked Glory away and went to retrieve the hammer.


Glory watched Buffy go for the mystic weapon. Grabbing another piece of chain, she used it to swing out into the air and around the side of her tower. Kicking Buffy aside as she stretched out to reach the hammer, Glory again returned to the scaffolding. Winding up a fist, she lashed out at the Slayer again, watching her spin around as she just managed to connect with her jaw. Smiling viciously now, and almost having fun except for the time table she was under, she side kicked the girl in the back, sending her flying face first into a pylon. Glory raced behind her, intending on grabbing her head and smashing it into the metal post, but the Slayer spun on her heel too quickly. Glory barely managed to avoid a swinging fist. (1)


As she bent below her fist, Buffy reacted by kicking upward, catching the god in the face. As her opponent’s head shot up and back, she jumped up. Buffy grabbed the flooring above her and swung herself backward out into the empty air. Returning, she gave Glory a two footed kick, again connecting to her face and sending her right into Aprilbot, who’d managed to catch up with the fighters.


As ‘Faith’ began wrestling the god away, Buffy again made a dash for Olaf’s hammer. Her middle was killing her, but she couldn’t let it slow her down. She was sure that she’d torn something though and only hoped that she’d last long enough to get to Dawn.




On the ground below, Xander had gotten the rig into position where he’d be able to get to it quickly. He jumped from the cab, ax in hand and went looking for a fight. He hoped he hadn’t wasted his time, but felt a strange confidence that the huge iron ball and chain was going to be needed. He felt guided by something.


Returning to the battlefront, he punched out an old woman with an iron pipe, feeling horrible about it.


But really, old lady versus bashed skull? Not much of a choice, he grimaced.


Coming around a corner, he saw Spike rolled into a ball. Human thralls of Glory had him pinned to the ground and were kicking and punching at him. Some had makeshift clubs, but most were using their hands and feet and nails and teeth.


Spike was holding his head. Even as Xander watched, he saw the vampire shove a young man several feet and immediately howl with the chip frying his brain for it.


A haze of red seemed to come down over his vision. He felt Hyena’s outrage and the need for bloodshed, for vengeance, was nearly overpowering.


Don’t kill them, they’re victims too, he thought at her. And then he loosened her reins.




Giles had found himself near Tara, Willow and Anya who’d managed to congregate together. They were being pushed back away from Glory’s tower and Dawn. So far, no one seemed seriously injured.


“Anya,” he questioned.


“It worked. I’m back. Now where is that ‘god’, she owes me a pint of blood. Or more!”


“Y-yes, well… right now, I think we need to concentrate on not being brained,” he said. A brick flew in from somewhere and glanced off of his head. Immediately his scalp split open and blood rushed down the side of his head.


“Giles,” Tara yelled.


“I’m alright! Get down,” he yelled as he pushed the girls behind a stack of crates. Glory’s victims stood laughing maniacally and raining bricks at them. “There’s too many of them. Where’s Buffy… did she make it to Dawn?”


None of them knew the answer.




End Chapter 24

(1) Most of the preceding blow by blow came from Twiztv(dot)com’s script transcription.



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