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Disclaimer: Legal stuff, don't own characters, haven't made any money, this is for entertainment purposes, no profit earned, lawyers go away. –kisses-

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Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past BTVS episodes and especially the Spanderverse series of stories.

Notes: Story number Twenty-One in the Spanderverse-universe, following “Spanderverse: Points of View, Four”.

Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline.

WARNING: Adult language and disturbing sexual content ahead. This story starts to curve close to Dark!Fic territory in later chapters.




Ch 6 – Returns


Xander sat on the warm hood of his car as the engine ticked and cooled under his butt. The night was a nice one out as he waited patiently for the train from L.A. to arrive. It was relatively early in the evening, so he could hear sounds from Main Street only two blocks away and the occasional car passed by the parking lot. The town was getting back to what passed for normal in the wake of the ‘storms’ earlier in the week. Sixth Street was still barricaded, routing traffic around a two block collapse. It looked as if one of Glory’s portal lightning blasts had hit the tarmac, causing the ground beneath to give way. Work crews had been surveying it for the last several days.


It was Saturday night and Spike was coming home. Xander wanted desperately to take the vampire back to the apartment and drink beer, hear about Angel and then get to a serious, Olympics-level make out session. They could even skip the Angel part completely.


Not that I was planning on doing those things, he sighed. Spike would no doubt want to rush over to the Summers’ and check on Dawn and they would probably end up staying there… or at least Spike would.


Why does she have to be so needy, Hyena piped up. We haven’t even gotten to have one good, hard lay with him yet!


“Dawn needs him right now,” Xander said aloud. “Besides, I’m not so sure that ‘hard lay’ is something I’m ready for. I’m still dealing with having a guy’s tongue in my mouth.”


I don’t get the big deal. I’m sorry, I just don’t. Spike is sexy and you want him… end of story.


“Maybe,” Xander said. But things aren’t that easy… ever. And besides, what does it matter what Spike and I do… it’s Spike and I. It’s got nothing to do with you.


Yeah, right…, she smirked as she sank back within his mind.


The hairs on the back of his neck suddenly stood on end and Xander stood up and turned around surveying the night. A few cars passed and he saw nothing unusual in the light given off by their low-beams, nor by the streetlamps that bathed the train station. Still, he’d been on patrol countless times since forming the Scooby Gang with Willow, Giles and Buffy and he could swear that someone was watching, or stalking, him.


Someone other than a disembodied Hyena-spirit.


The sound of an approaching train’s whistle broke the eerie mood and a moment later he laughed at himself.


Being on the Hellmouth is finally making me paranoid, he thought with an amused shake of his head.




“Anakin to Obi-Wan, no sight of Leia. I have Chewbacca in my sights, though. I think he’s waiting for the arriving train. Do you think he has company coming from out of town,” Andrew said into a walkie-talkie.


“Who cares?!” Warren had yelled at him from the device and he sounded annoyed. He often sounded annoyed to Andrew. “Look, if Buffy isn’t with him then proceed to watch point two. I almost have Adam remotely connected to the bank’s security system.”


“Not Adam, Warren! Remember, his code name. And the target is Leia,” Andrew whined.


“Fine,” Warren’s irritated voice sighed. “I’ve almost got Darth Vader ready to go, Anakin. Obi-Wan to Luke, any signs of Leia, over.”


The next voice from Andrew’s talkie was Jonathon’s, “Negative Obi-Wan. No sight of any of the Alliance, I’m proceeding to area five, over and out.”


“I’m surrounded by nerds,” Warren’s voice sounded.


“Uh… don’t hold the button down if you don’t want to transmit stuff, Obi-Wan. Anakin is headed for the Espresso Pump,” Andrew reported.


“Bring Obi back a chocolate donut and a large coffee. Out.”




Below the streets of Sunnydale, Vanessa wandered the natural cavern systems toward Spike’s crypt. She was hoping there’d be signs that he’d come back and seen her message. In her hands, she carried a crossbow, but she was hoping she wouldn’t need to use it. Simply shooting him into dust was far too quick and easy for the bastard. Still, it was best to remain ready in case she ran into him down here. It was a sure bet that he would not be pleased to see her.




The train pulled into the station, depositing only one person who wished to visit the town, Spike. As he jumped down to the platform, he saw Xander waiting for him near the purple Taurus. He really hated that car.


“Glad to see you back Evil-one,” Xan smiled.


“And I don’t even have a stake mark on me,” he smirked. “How’s my Bit?”


“She’s fine, Spike. And so am I, thanks for asking.”


“I was going to, after I was sure that Dawn was alright,” Spike smiled. “Why are you standing out here unarmed? If you get yourself bit out here, I’m going to kick your ass.”


“I have stakes in the car. AND,” Xander added as Spike opened his mouth to point out that he wasn’t in the car, “I have a bottle of holy water in my jacket pocket and a stake strapped under my pant’s leg. Relax, Baby, I’ve been doing this awhile, you know?”


“Yeah, yeah,” Spike smirked again as they got into the car. “You’re just a regular bad-ass… my mistake.”


“So, Dawn first?”


“Drive on, Love.”






Dawn rushed to the front door and threw her arms around him even before he’d gotten completely in the door. “I’m glad you’re back. C’mon, we’ve got new clothes for you. I picked out the shirts! You’re going to look so cool.”


“I already look cool, Half-Pint.”


“Cool-er, then,” Dawn smiled while dragging him toward the stairs.


“Is everything alright,” Tara asked Spike as he made his way behind Dawn.


“It’s fine, Tara. Angel will cope; he’s got his own crew to help him,” Spike shot back at her.


“C’mon, Xan, I have a pot of coffee on,” Tara led him into the kitchen.


“Where’s Will?”


“Guess. She’s running herself ragged, but she won’t listen when I tell her to take a break.”


Xander sighed. Willow had looked like she was sleeping on her feet this morning when they’d met to storm Giles’ place. He’d tried to ask her about how she was sleeping, but she’d put him off by pushing them all out the door to find out what Giles was up to.


Now, he gratefully took a cup of coffee (just the way he liked it, too, Tara must have been watching over them all these last days) and headed for the basement.


“I’ll check on her,” he told Tara, who just gave him a worried nod.


As Xander entered, he saw Willow quickly close her laptop. She grabbed a pair of needle-nosed pliers and began to extricate a wire from April.


“Hey, Will… how long you been down here working,” he asked, trying not to sound concerned. He didn’t like how she seemed to be a bundle of nerves.


“N-nothing! I mean, I’ve, uh, been busy with the robots.”


“Will… we’re a bit worried upstairs. Are you sure you’re not overdoing it down here? I mean, we don’t need the robots done tonight, you know.”


“Well, they’re not going to repair and program themselves, you know. Was that Spike I heard,” Will asked him, but he thought she was only trying to distract him.


“He’s back and fine; now let’s talk about you. You don’t look like you’re sleeping, Will. I’m worried about the circles under your eyes.”


“I’m fine, Xander. I just have a lot to do. We especially need the Buffybot up and running. I’ll rest more once I’m done with them. And by the way, your pot is calling my kettle….”


“Can I do anything to help?”


“Not down here. I’ve got it handled, but you could take a look at the hall window upstairs. The Knights broke it when they were ransacking the place,” she offered what she hoped would be an ‘everything is normal’ smile.


Xan only sighed at her, obviously not convinced. They knew each other so well, so of course he could see that she was stressed. She just wasn’t ready to reveal why. Not yet, anyway.


“I’ll take a look. Listen though, I’m putting a one hour limit on you for the rest of the night. If you’re not upstairs relaxing in sixty minutes, I’m coming down and dragging you up. Deal?”


“Y-yeah, okay. One more hour,” she smiled falsely again. And then she blew out a sigh of half relief and half frustration after he’d gone back upstairs, closing the door behind him and getting out of her hair.


Instantly forgetting the robots, she returned to her laptop and continued delving into the lore surrounding Osiris.




Rupert Giles sealed the large security envelope and turned it over in his hands. It was already addressed to the recipient, Quentin Travers, London, England.


He blew out a breath and took a sip of his whiskey-spiked tea. Hopefully, the chronology of events was logical enough that there would be few questions. He’d called the Council to report the defeat of Glory earlier this afternoon. By reporting things as sketchily as possible, he was able to use Travers’ questions to beef up the fairy tale he was mailing them.


He glanced nervously at the envelope in his hands again, before placing it back on his desk. He’d send it by special courier in the morning and then hold his breath and wait. There would be follow up questions, of course. There always were, but he believed that he’d constructed the narrative relatively straight-forward so that it would be commented upon and then filed rather quickly. The next trick would be conditioning the Buffy robot to pass examination by the Council, should they wish to question ‘Buffy’ about her experiences against Glorificus.


He hoped it wouldn’t be necessary, but he was anticipating that Travers may wish to come over to congratulate her in person. Not to mention his questions regarding the Knights of Byzantium and their ultimate fates.


Thinking of the Knights had him adding a little more whiskey to his already strong tea. They had no way of knowing if all of the Knights who knew Dawn’s secret had been eliminated by Glory. If not, there could still be zealots in the area that may wish to target her.


Grabbing the phone, he called over to Buffy’s house to check on things.




Anya looked over her suitcases sitting by the bedroom door and felt sadder than she had expected. It wasn’t like she was leaving for good, after all. But still, just the fact that she wouldn’t see Xander everyday anymore felt oddly strange and unsettling to her.


Shaking her head she pulled out a highway map of California and looked at the surrounding towns and then followed her route with her finger northward. She knew Angel was in L.A., and so intended to skip by it. Not that the city wasn’t so big she could easily avoid them, anyway, but it would be easier this way. And it wasn’t that she necessarily disliked the idea of seeing the L.A crew, but she didn’t really know any of them that well and besides, this trip was about avoiding demons and vampires and the responsibilities of world saving.


She just wanted to be a tourist for awhile. Of course, her new automobile would be fully equipped with crosses and stakes, anyway. She didn’t want to be a blind and stupid tourist.




End Chapter 6


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