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Disclaimer: Legal stuff, don't own characters, haven't made any money, this is for entertainment purposes, no profit earned, lawyers go away. –kisses-

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Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past BTVS episodes and especially the Spanderverse series of stories.

Notes: Story number Twenty-One in the Spanderverse-universe, following “Spanderverse: Points of View, Four”.

Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline.

WARNING: Adult language and disturbing sexual content ahead. This story starts to curve close to Dark!Fic territory in later chapters.




Ch 9 – Serious Discussions


Spike and Xander walked down the dark and quiet streets toward the apartment. Xan could have drove, but they were performing a sort-of patrol and the night was very pleasant. Since he lived within a forty minute walk from Dawn’s home, they’d decided that Spike would leave the Summers’ before sunrise and drive the car back in time for Xander to get to work.


They were now walking along the low-slung rock wall of Heavenly Fields cemetery. They needed to walk one block up and two blocks over to reach Xan’s apartment building. Spike came to a stop suddenly and pulled him down to sit on a bench abutting the wall. The bench sat at one of the stops for Sunnydale’s very small city bus routes. Coincidentally, many of the stops on its route tended to be at cemeteries. Equally coincidentally, they stopped running to this end of town at dusk.


“Let’s talk,” Spike said, entwining his fingers around Xan’s.


“Sure. You want to know about that morning?”


“What’s happened to you, Luv? The scent, the violence… all of it.”


Xander sighed as he felt Hyena tense. He was wondering if he was going to be able to voice what Spike wanted to know, but though very clearly worried, she seemed to accept that this was unavoidable now.


“You remember Toth?”


“How could I forget,” Spike smirked. “The triplets running around like a poor comedy.”


“Yeah, well, when Willow did the re-combine spell? It didn’t quite work the way we thought.”


Spike’s eyebrow shot up at this news, “What do you mean?”


“I mean we may have joined physically, but their personalities have been hanging around. Not just voices in my head, but them. They’ve been… separate from me,” Xan shrugged, fighting to explain what exactly he’d been living with.


“Like split-personality?!”


“Not exactly,” Xander admitted. “If I remember right, usually personalities don’t know about each other. But I’m able to talk to Soldier-guy and Hyena-girl like they’re different people… just not with their own bodies.”


“Why the fuck didn’t you say something,” Spike was showing effort in trying not to yell.


“They wouldn’t let me before,” Xan snapped back. “You think I would have been acting like Sybil’s brother if I could have told Will and Giles?”


“Xander… wait, you said they wouldn’t let you before?”


“Yeah… well, it seems that Hyena blew the secret when she flipped out. Which by the way shouldn’t have happened,” Xander stared down at the concrete sidewalk.


Hyena-Xander subtly shifted forward, blocking out Xander for seconds, “Not that I’m not grateful to her for fighting,” she insisted before Xander was once again in charge. It had been such a quick moment he didn’t even realize that he’d been subsumed again briefly.


“This is… disturbing, Xan. But now that we know, maybe we should talk to Giles and Willow about an exorcism or whatever.”


“But we’re alright the way we are,” Xander’s voice said, his downcast eyes briefly shining.


Spike put his arm around Xander’s shoulders and sighed, “No wonder your scent has been doing the funky tango.”


“We had accommodated each other, but now something weird has happened with Commando-guy,” Xander said briefly making eye contact with Spike. When he’d looked down at the sidewalk again, he added, “He’s faded out or something.”


“Commando-guy? You’re not hearing the soldier-voice anymore?”


Xander gave Spike a confused look, How’d he guess that?


“Uh, no, as a matter of fact. I think that’s why Hyena was able to take over during the fight. I mean I saw you getting beaten by the crazy people and I was out numbered and didn’t have a decent weapon,” Xander leaned into Spike. “I sort of loosened her reigns a bit. She somehow took control.”


“Must have been adrenaline, I’m sure it can’t happen normally,” Hyena added in Xander’s voice.


“But you’re okay, now? I mean, she isn’t endangering you,” Spike asked, his voice full of concern that made both Xanders feel warm.


“We’re trying to accommodate each other. But I’m worried about this no show from Commando, Spike. We were kinda just becoming a ‘unity’ deal. I don’t know how his sudden ‘absence’ if that is what’s happened, affects us.”


“We need to bring this up to the witch and the Watcher.”


“Yeah,” Xander said. “I’m not sure how Hyena will react if they try to banish her, though. I don’t entirely trust her.”


“Yet. But I think we can work with each other,” he added suddenly.


“We’ll talk to the red head and see where we are,” Spike decided. “Now let’s get you inside. I want to patrol, see if I can’t find this robo-dork.”


“Don’t take him on by yourself, Spike,” Xander insisted. “Buffy had a hard time with him. Plus, you’re part of a unit now. We don’t put ourselves in danger for kicks. You got me?”


“I got you, Love,” Spike smirked, before laying a kiss on Xander that left him breathless.


When they started for the apartment again, Xander couldn’t resist taunting his alter-personality. Willow and Giles are going to free me from you, you bitch.


Hyena’s only reply to Xander was to growl in frustration. But in the portion of his mind that was no longer accessible to him, she thought back, I wouldn’t bet on that Xander. If it comes down to it, I’ll take you with me.




At the Summers’ house, Tara was in the basement. Dawn was working on her Social Studies assignment in the living room, while Willow was upstairs soaking in a hot tub. Tara was using the quiet time to run a load of laundry. It was amazing how fast the three of them went through clothes.


As the washer started its first cycle, she went to separating out another pile of dirty clothes. Against a wall stood the makeshift table that they’d laid Buffy’s body on and Tara felt a pang of grief looking at it. It was now the home of Willow’s laptop and various strips of wiring and a soldering iron. Nearby, April sat propped up against the cement wall. Her abdomen was uncovered and the synthetic skin torn away from her innards. It gave Tara the creeps, but it was also sort of fascinating to see what went on inside the robots.


Tara dropped the bed sheets she had been sifting through and walked over to April. Stooping, she looked closely at the internal make up of the phony girl and felt a mixture of awe and admiration that Willow was able to make any sense of the spaghetti she saw.


With a smile, she stood and then casually opened Willow’s laptop. The smile on her face froze for an instant before turning into a confused frown. As she read through the web page displayed and began opening the half-dozen additional web browser windows an icy breeze seemed to flow through her insides. The blood drained from her face as she found herself reading a supplication to Osiris to return the dead.


She couldn’t, Tara shook her head. It was impossible. Except for zombies and ghosts, and poltergeists, and wraiths… well, except for evil things it was impossible to bring the dead back to life. It just couldn’t be done. They’d already had this discussion after Joyce had passed. She wouldn’t….


Tara took off at a run for the basement steps. She had to get to Willow and stop this right now before she did something that none of them could live with!




Giles pulled his sports car into his parking space at his apartment. He sat for a moment and listened to the ticking of the engine and the soft sounds of Bach from the radio. A smile played about his mouth; it had felt good to feel the old rush of a meeting. Seeing the children banding together to investigate the next supernatural threat.


He stopped smiling when he thought, again, of Buffy.


You should be here, he winced. With resolve, he shook the shadow of grief away. They all needed to move on and they would be alright without her. They would have to be. This constant focus on his pain was self-indulgent and he would cease such selfishness immediately.


He stepped out of his car and started for his walkway to the door, when he felt himself tackled to the ground. He felt a man’s weight pinning him to the ground, a growling from behind him.


Struggling, he was just able to turn enough to see a vampire and thought: Well, that was brilliant. Good show, Giles!


As he began to struggle with the superior strength of the demon atop him, the thing hissed at him annoyed, “Quit fighting me! I’m hungry!”


“Oh, yes… of course,” he replied facetiously. “How rude of me not to acquiesce!”


Giles desperately rolled around on the ground, partially getting the beast off of him. He could tell by the thing’s lack of strength that it was a fledgling. One of the many newly minted creatures that they’d destroyed weekly. With some more struggling he was able to get to the crucifix in his front shirt pocket.


As the thing helpfully rolled him over in order to straddle him, he stuck the cross out toward its face. The demon hissed and jumped from his prone body, backing away with a mixture of fear and rage.


He sat up, angry at himself for leaving his stake in the car.


Your Slayer dies and you turn into a senile, old man, he berated himself.


As the thing turned and took off, Giles blacked out for a moment.


Ripper eyed the creature as it made to dash away and find some other innocent blood to spill. With a feeling of loathing, he pointed an index finger at the vampire’s retreating back. With a cry in Turkish, he sent a small fireball crashing into the beast’s back. Instantly fire engulfed the thing and with a screech it faded into dust.


Giles came back to himself, dizzy and looked around in a panic for the monster. Fortunately, his lack of cognizance had gone unnoticed by the vampire. But unfortunately, that still left a blood drinker out there to terrorize someone else. He ran to his apartment and dialed Xander’s phone in hopes that perhaps Spike could try to locate and dispatch the thing.




After checking on Dawn’s homework progress and making sure she wasn’t watching television, Tara made her way upstairs to Joyce’s bathroom. With a gentle knock, she opened the door to find Willow snoring softly in the tub of water.


She bit her lip, not wanting to wake her when she hadn’t been sleeping since the night Buffy had died. On the other hand, what she was researching was serious business. She sighed once with indecision, but then backed out of the bathroom. She knew she had to confront her about this resurrection garbage, but it could wait until later.




End Chapter 9


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