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ch 28

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Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past BTVS episodes and especially the Spanderverse series of stories.

Notes: Story number Twenty-One in the Spanderverse-universe, following “Spanderverse: Points of View, Four”.

Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

People’s thoughts are depicted in italics. You’ll find emphasis depicted with an underline.

WARNING: Adult language and disturbing sexual content ahead. This story starts to curve close to Dark!Fic territory in later chapters.




Ch 28 – Hyena to the Rescue


Xander sneezed. Not just an ‘ah-choo’ type of sneeze, but a full-on, face-exploding, throat-rasping sneeze.


Oh, yes… please do that again. I don’t think the monsters on the other end of town heard us.


“Like I meant to do that,” Xander said angrily. “Can I help it if my nose doesn’t like something in this passage,” he sniffled while fighting the urge to wipe his nose on his sleeve.


Well, you’ve completely ruined my sense of smell now.


“Wish I had a hanky,” he said to no one in particular. Especially not Hyena; she’d begun to piss him off by running through pros and cons of bothering with a rescue of Dawn. He was pretty sure she was only doing it to irk him since he’d already agreed not to drink Tara’s ‘get-rid-of-bothersome-personalities’ potion.


Block one nostril and blow. Block the other and repeat. Just lean forward so the snot goes into the dirt.


That is really gross, he thought. Any idea where the hell we are?


I think so. I believe we’re approaching the northwestern corner of town. Hmm… we might be below McGoon’s Park.


“Really?! Oh, my god… I know where they are! Quick, find us a way out of here,” Xander yelled.


Why, what the hell… oh I see! Dracula’s castle! Of course!


Xander grabbed his cell phone and found the on button, even in the darkness. When the face lit up however, it informed him he had no signal.


“Damn it. We need to get above ground so I can call the others,” he said.


Okay, okay… give me a minute. I’m detecting fresh air coming from somewhere close by.




The Buffy robot managed to get into the maintenance tunnel ahead of the police. She’d found a fissure in the ceramic tile and concrete wall on the other side of which, was a tunnel. It didn’t surprise her. The entire town seemed to sit on tunnels… dangerous and illogical, really. With her visual acuity, she needed no lights and made rapid progress along the route. When it branched, she used her pheromone detectors behind her nose to pick up traces of human. While Dawn’s were too weak for her to rely on catching after this many hours, Xander’s were easily detectable to her equipment. His presence down here did surprise her, but she smiled with the thought that he too was somehow on her sister’s trail.


She only wished that she knew where her Watcher had gone. She should ask Giles to provide a cell phone for her or some other form of communications upgrade. She would talk to him or Willow about it the next chance she had.




The woman had her head face first in her pillow, which she was crying into. She was on her hands and knees, one arm being twisted and held high behind her back. She was terrified.


Ripper had charmed her right out of her knickers, the little slut. She’d really thought that she was too hot to handle until they made their way through the conventional positions. That was when he decided to add some spice to the encounter and push the envelope a bit. The other women he’d been with had quickly acquiesced, but this one was more reluctant. Still, he’d managed to smile and caress and seduce her into what he wanted. She just hadn’t realized how rough, rough was. Well, she was finding out now and her pleading not to hurt her had him laughing at her.


“Relax and enjoy it,” he told her. “I’m not going to hurt you… much.”


Oh, god… oh god, he’s crazy, Susan repeated in her mind. She tried not to yell or make him angry, but her hot night of no-strings-attached sex had gone horribly wrong and she couldn’t stop from crying as he continued to plow into her roughly.


Please, God! Please, I just wanted to get over Artie… I didn’t want this… not this. Please, don’t let him kill me! I’ll do anything… please, please, her tears came harder into her pillow. He’d made her bury her face in it when she’d started to yell at him to quit hurting her.


The man she’d thought was charming grunted like an animal and let out a howl as he spent himself. He collapsed on top of her and she buckled under his weight, being driven flat onto the bed. It was hard to breathe because of the pillow, but she was so terrified of making too much noise for him with her crying that she kept her face where he’d wanted it only turning it occasionally enough to get a breath of cool air.


“My Lord, Susan, that was good,” Ripper complimented the stupid bint, but she was still bawling like a bloody virgin after her first time. “Oh, stop it you silly cow. You’re perfectly alright… I’ve even let go of your bloody arm.”


“Please… I won’t tell anyone… please don’t hurt me.”


“What? Don’t be daft! Why would I hurt you? And what exactly aren’t you going to tell? That you picked up a complete stranger, shagged him silly and then burst into a bawling baby when it was over?”


Susan lay still, crying even harder.


“Now, look…,” he said, clearly irritated. “What is with the silly water works? It was all in fun, yes? No need to go overboard with the water works just because things got a bit kinky.”


Susan risked turning her head and saw him pulling on his clothes. She suddenly had hope that he really wasn’t going to kill her after all. She flinched as he approached the bed while getting his shirt on, but he only patted her back.


“Oh… oh, you really were afraid! Good Lord,” he said in a stricken tone, “I really didn’t realize how upset and afraid you were becoming, dear. I-I truly thought that you were role-playing. I-I am so, so very sorry. If I had known… if I had only suspected, I would have stopped it immediately!”


Of course, he thought no such thing. But he knew that a woman suffering remorse after she’d debased herself could make even the most consensual encounter seem like something worse and more unsavory. (1)


“You really hurt my arm,” she whimpered. “I thought… I thought you’d gone crazy!”


“Lord… this has never happened to me. I-I-I thought… oh Lord. Of course, you should call the police. I-I didn’t mean to scare you, but that can be no excuse.” It was another load of manure of course. Her fear only made the sex that much better. He should have done this ages ago. And, naturally, she wasn’t going to call the police or anyone else.


“I-I’ll just go,” he informed her as she wiped at her face. “I am so sorry that I misunderstood how far you wished to take the game.”


“Y-you just… I just wasn’t expecting….”


“No need to explain. I am so utterly embarrassed. I should have taken the time to explain the game… to insure that you were ready to play.”


She sat, sheet pulled up to her chin, clearly confused about what had happened. Just as he knew she would be if he used that disarming stutter of his, “L-let me start a kettle boiling for tea for you before I go.”


As he puttered with filling the kettle she had sitting on the stove, he began to chant in Turkish. He surreptitiously watched as she calmed considerably. Her breath evened out and her eyelids drooped. In minutes, she had scooted down under the sheet and began to breathe in deep, regular breaths.


He smiled and placed the half-full kettle back on the stove without turning on a burner. Creeping up to where she now peacefully lay, he placed a palm on her forehead. Another dark incantation took any memory of his face and voice and smell and feel from her mind, while keeping the essential details in her memory. Should he wish another go round with her, all he had to do was re-introduce himself and say a certain Turkish word. If he didn’t, she would never remember who he was and ergo, even if she wished to report this incident which was doubtful, she would have no details of the man that had terrified her so.


With a chuckle, he left her place and drove home. He needed a shower before he went back on Dawn-search.




Xander kicked at a rusted grate in a hillside and went tumbling out into the night. The park around him was deathly still, as he would expect unless the vampires enjoyed picnics under the cloudy skies. In the distance, the abandoned Bed and Breakfast where he’d led Buffy to his master sat dark and imposing. A violent shiver went up his spine, shaking his frame.


It’s okay. He’s dead. He can’t hurt you or anyone else anymore, Hyena said flatly.


You’re so full of sympathy…, he thought sarcastically.


Sympathy is for the weak. Now let’s get up there and figure out what to do next.


“Just a minute,” Xander whispered to her, “Let me try their phones.”


He dialed Giles’ cell first, but it rang six times and then a voice mail requested he leave a message. He thought about it, but he didn’t think that Giles even knew how to work the voice mail feature so disconnected without saying anything.


He’s probably not getting service, Hyena suggested. If he went to the mall, then he probably figured out the tunnels under it like we did.


“Yeah. That’s not much help right now though,” he muttered as he listened to Willow’s cell phone ring.




“Of course, your little brunette will sleep a bit longer than my new beauty,” Vanessa was saying to Spike. “But when she does come around, I know she’s going to love seeing you… just before she starts eating your eyes.”


From Willow’s paralyzed form came the jangling tones of “Barracuda” by Heart. The vampire women all looked puzzled for a moment before Rachel spoke up, “It’s her cell phone. It’s the ring tone.”


“Of course! I knew that,” Vanessa hissed irritably, causing the other vamps to shrink back. She strolled over to Willow and began going through her jacket pockets.


Willow tried to frown menacingly, but her face felt like it was full of Botox and her forehead refused to crease, her mouth’s frown lines remained frustratingly un-frowned. Even her ducts were too numbed right now to cry and that was worse than anything else because they’d lost Buffy and now they’d failed to keep Dawn safe as well. They were all just a group of pathetic failures.


What made me think I could fix things? What made me think I could help Buffy or anyone else, she sobbed inside, though nothing of what she was going through showed on her facial features.


Spike’s creation held her cell phone up in front of her eyes and then squeezed. The casing of the phone easily cracked and splintered before the entire device was crushed.


“There will be no help for you!”


A moment later and Tara’s began to ring. She had a normal tone and Vanessa immediately tore through Tara’s pockets looking for the slim tool. The blonde remained unconscious, not stirring a bit as her pockets were ripped open by Vanessa. When she found it, she stepped on it fiercely, sending plastic scattering across the stone floor.


“There may be more of my Sire’s little band. I want you girls searching the perimeter. Go!”




I smell Tara and Willow… and blood, Hyena calmly stated.


Xander closed his eyes and yes, he could detect the very weak scent of iron in the air. Are you sure? How can you tell… who’s is it?


Willow’s, his animal spirit immediately answered. Two feet in front of you and to the left.


He walked in the direction that Hyena directed him, using the lighter to cast a bit of illumination while tightening his grip on a stake pulled from his back pocket. There’s not a lot, he thought in order to avoid the noise of talking. I-I don’t think she was badly hurt.


Whatever. We need to locate Spike.


We need to locate all of them. I’m heading upstairs.


Be careful… the dusty smell of vamps is thick, she warned.


He began to creep up the stone steps to the first floor. The same floor that Riley had punched him out on when he’d tried to stop him and Giles from helping Buffy.


Don’t get distracted by the past. I don’t want to find out what will happen to me if you get your stupid ass turned.


Thanks for your concern, he thought facetiously.




Ripper returned to the mall, but it was shut up tightly. There were a few police cars still in the lot, but most of them had cleared out. He frowned as he looked behind the building for the robot.


Now, where the hell is that wind-up doll? I hope she didn’t get herself nabbed while I was busy.


He made a circuit of the building but didn’t see the Buffybot. He was just deciding on his next move when a wave of dizziness struck him. When he removed his hands from his head and steadied himself, a bewildered Giles stood in his place.


“Where did everyone go? Hello? Buffy?”


Giles stood for a moment in uncertainty before noticing that his hair was damp. Looking upward for rain, he found the sky clouded, but certainly no rain was falling. There was no evidence of it having had recently rained either as he scanned the parking lot. In addition, he could swear his skin smelled of fresh soap, as if he’d just bathed, which was utterly ridiculous.


“What the devil,” he muttered. He took another quick look at the sky, but still… no rain. He knew that some protection wards could produce such a scent, but they were so unreliable that he hadn’t bothered. Shaking off this mystery for the moment, he re-focused on the important matter at hand. There was no way for him to call the Buffy robot… an obvious error on his part. He should have made sure she was given Buffy’s unused cell phone; well, the lesson was learned, but he couldn’t wait around for her.


He dialed Xander.




Buffybot began jogging as her pheromone detectors picked up heavier traces of Xander Harris. He was her best friend and she knew that he would be able to give her instructions on how to proceed to rescue her sister.


As she exited through a hole in the ground, she noted her entrance into a small park. She already knew exactly where she was, of course. Her online GPS unit let her know where she was nearly all the time. There were a few spots below ground where she’d had some interference, but this was cleared up now.


She used her ocular sensors to detect the movement of a singular humanoid in front of a large stone structure. She focused her aural sensors, but all she picked up was the swish of fabric rubbing against itself and the soft footfalls of the creature. Its lack of body heat on her infrared sensors suggested a vampire and due to its being feminine, it clearly couldn’t be Spike. That meant the Slayer had business to perform. She grinned widely, slipping a stake from under her blouse where it’d been taped to her stomach.




Gladys peered out into the darkness wishing there was a little moonlight to make it easier for her night vision. She scented the air, but didn’t pick up on anything. Still, she felt some instinct warning her she was being watched from somewhere close by. She considered for a moment calling Rachel and Tammy but discarded the idea. It was important that they cover their own area and besides, what if she called them over here just to find that a cat or opossum was ranging about… she’d be a laughing stock.


On the opposite side of the building, Tammy checked the back door to find it secured. She then began to stroll out into the parking lot. She didn’t notice or think of the cellar doors, as a strange car had caught her attention.


Rachel peered at the skinny blonde who was sneaking through the underbrush in the general direction of her Sire’s castle. She could make out Gladys, standing around like a fool. Well… she’d take care of this and then rub the other vampire’s face in her failure.


Carefully and almost silently she stalked the blonde. She didn’t know who the girl was; she matched the description of the Slayer, but her innate demon senses weren’t reacting as they should if that was who it actually was. Besides, she recognized her as one of the odd women who was in the same house as the red-head; one of the girls she’d gotten such a confused reading on the first time she’d seen her. Well, obviously she belonged to the same group as Spike’s other whatever-they-were-to-him. And just like the others, she was about to be captured like a nice, juicy fly in their web.




End Chapter 28


(1) Don’t flame me… this isn’t the author’s view of casual sex or women. It’s entirely Ripper’s.



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