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The Cost of Giles, Ch 3 of ?

The Cost of Giles

Ch 3 – A Little Morning Lovin’

Xander opened the door to the basement, simultaneously detecting the odor of cigarette smoke and hearing a loud squeak in the door.



I’ll have to oil that today, he thought as he trudged down the stairs. And later I’ll buy a smokeless ashtray for down here.



Leaning against the washing machine, Spike followed his progress, pulling another drag.



“Xan. Tara alright,” he asked.



“Tired. You were listening?”



“Yep…, just a little.”



“Do you know what’s up with Willow?”



“No, but to be honest, my focus has been so much on Dawn. I barely notice when Red is even home. But, you were right, Dawn and Willow could do a hell of a lot more around here.”



“So could you. Tara needs the help, I think.”



“Vampire. We don’t housekeep. I’m glad you came down before getting started on the lawn… I’m almost ready to crash for the day.”



Xander sidled up to him and leaned in to kiss his cheek. “I miss you. A lot.”



“Yeah. Can’t leave though. The Bit needs me here.”



“So I figured. Well, if you can’t bring the vampire to the romance, bring the romance to the vampire… or something like that,” he grinned as he pulled out a small tube. This he placed in Spike’s free hand.



“Lube, huh?” Spike sounded surprised. “You thinking of seducing me, then,” he grinned.



“I’m thinking of fucking you.”



“That right? Not real romantic, in the basement. On the other hand, a good lay is always welcomed and I’ve never been one for the frilly flowers and candy. Pretty cheap stuff you bought, though.”



“Give me a break, Bleach-head,” Xander responded with a wide grin. “You have any idea how long it took me to take this up to the register? I wasn’t exactly in the frame of mind to comparison shop and I sure wasn’t asking for any recommendations.”



“I’ll take it then. You’ve decided on ‘pitching’?”



“I had hopes. You ‘catching’?”



“C’mere,” Spike said, as he dropped his cigarette butt to the concrete floor and stepped on it. He yanked Xander against him easily with his superior strength and darted his tongue into the recesses of his mouth.



As Xan accepted and deepened the kiss, his hands were busy with lifting Spike’s T-shirt, so he could pinch his nipples and lightly stroke his muscled abdomen.



“What about the animal-bitch,” Spike questioned, when Xander stopped for air.



“She’ll behave. This is me and you,” he said quickly, his breath already coming in gasps. “Now for the love of mercy, would you get those pants off!?”



Spike chuckled at his impatience, but did as requested, while Xan fumbled with his own clothes. Above their heads, the sound of a vacuum cleaner rumbled to life.



Once they were both naked and growing hard, Xander began kissing Spike more roughly and through bumping against him, directed him to Willow’s improvised work table.



“Is this going to hold you,” he asked. He wasn’t looking forward to doing it on the cement floor.



“Should. If you don’t get too wild,” Spike smirked, as his cool fingers tweaked one of Xan’s nipples with one hand, while the other was pulling farther south.



“No promises.”



As Spike felt the edge of the board serving as a table top hit the back of his legs, he sat down heavily and listened for any cracking noises, but it held. Almost immediately, Xander’s hands moved from his chest, where his nipples had just begun to burn pleasantly from his tugging them, down to rub his nether region.



He pulled Xander even tighter to him, allowing hard-on to meet hard-on and with his hand pushed Xan’s out of the way. Taking care of both of them, he began to stroke, pressing flesh against flesh and relishing the mortal’s groans into his mouth as they continued to kiss passionately.



It was Xander who pulled away from the fiery kiss, to move his mouth to Spike’s collarbone where he sucked and bit on the flesh there. The vampire’s eyes rolled and he gasped in pleasure at his ministrations. Meanwhile, the pumping action of his strong grip hastened, causing more moans from both of them as their shafts began to grow slick.



Xander moved his mouth to the side of the vampire’s head and first slipped his tongue into his ear, and then began chewing and sucking on his earlobe. As Spike’s passion grew, one hand reached behind Xander and fondled his butt, pulling him nearly off of his feet.



“Careful,” he said with a grin, “I don’t think it’ll hold us both!”



“God, Xander, you’re so damned warm! It’s like wrapping myself in molten fire,” Spike nearly growled out before returning to plundering his mouth. The mortal tasted of coffee and the scent of his arousal, his perspiration, was driving him to the brink of his self control. And with the chip there to protect the young man, he felt he could allow himself to get lost in the heat of the moment.



His brow ridged and his fangs extended, but Xander didn’t stop his tongue as it swept the inside of his mouth, only slowing when he felt the edge of the fangs make contact with the sensitive flesh, but quickly pushing on.



“I won’t hurt you, I won’t hurt you, promise,” Spike hastily panted, as he pulled at Xander’s head, such that he could reach the mortal’s pulsing artery in his neck. Gently biting and sucking at his skin with his blunt front teeth, he heard Xan tell him he trusted him and it only made the air feel hotter, more fully charged around them .



“Don’t pull, Spike,” Xan moaned, reaching a hand to stop the stroking that Spike was still doing to both of their members with one hand. “I don’t want it over, yet… still wanna be inside you!”



“Oh, yeah,” he said against the hot flesh at Xander’s neck, “Gonna scream for you…, but your blood is so damned hot. Just let me tease myself a bit more… just a bit more,” he grunted as he returned to sucking Xander’s pulse point, feeling the throbbing against the tip of his tongue, where he flattened it against the flushed skin.



Spike breathed in deeply, not only because he was losing control of his reflexive breath, but to check for signs of Hyena making an appearance. Even with all of the passion, a part of his mind was still thinking of Xander, wanting to make sure that he wasn’t in danger of driving Spike into biting him through her manipulation; but, the tell-tale scent of animal musk was only just detectable to his sense of smell. It appeared she really was going to stay in the background.



Deep in Xander’s mind, he could feel his counterpart luxuriating in the feeling of their skin under Spike’s special attentions. He could just barely hear her animal grunting and a chant for him to ‘get to it.’



He almost wanted to laugh with the exhilaration he felt at finally getting Spike to resume their physical relationship, on hold since Hyena had scared the vampire so badly. And, it felt liberating to move past his own discomfort. Part of him couldn’t believe he was actually about to go through with this, but most of him was beyond thinking about it too deeply. He just wanted to feel every inch of Spike’s skin at once.



Finally, after what seemed like hours with Spike pulling their puds, then backing off before starting to pull on them again, the vampire removed his mouth from the mortal’s neck and leaned back. He began to raise his legs toward his chest. “Now, Xan…, now!”



“Not like this,” Xander said, pulling on his wrists. He’d been thinking of this moment for the last week and knew exactly how he wanted to take him… starting with a little surprise. As he turned Spike to face the wall, he grabbed the tube of lubricant from the work table.



Spike allowed himself to be pulled to his feet, and further allowed himself to be turned facing toward the wall. He grinned widely, but didn’t turn his head in Xan’s direction.



He was mistaking Xander’s choice of position as lingering discomfort with what was about to happen, as if he could pretend Spike was some bint if he wasn’t looking at him. A mortal might have been insulted and stopped things then and there, but Spike didn’t care one way or another. He knew Xan loved him, knew he wanted him, and all he wanted right now was to have that Xander as hard as he could thrust.



It wasn’t embarrassment Xander had in mind, however. Dropping to his knees, he began to lick at the back of Spike’s balls and perineum between his legs. With one hand, he worked at unscrewing the cap off the tube of lube; the other was occupied with massaging Spike’s butt.



Screwing up his courage, not really believing he was actually going to try this, he allowed his tongue to travel between the cleft of Spike’s butt, moving his butt-massaging hand around the front of the hip at the same time in order to stroke him.



The effect was dramatic. Spike involuntarily gasped for air, as he bent even further over, keening wordlessly for a moment, before falling into a litany of “yes, Xan, Jeezus, God, yes!” He raised one of his legs, resting it up on the makeshift table, opening himself even further.



Taking heart in the reaction, Xander intensified his attention. With one hand, he squeezed lubricant onto the fingers holding the tube. Bringing one of these fingers up to the opening that was his member’s ultimate destination, he began to push the digit into the narrow channel. At the same time, his mouth resumed its attention to the bottom of Spike’s sac, this time also adding small sucking motions against the skin. He sucked gently, trying to take one ball and then the other into his mouth.



As he began probing Spike’s butt with a finger, he also moved it circularly, working at stretching the channel for something wider. He had only been at this for a handful of seconds, when Spike interrupted.



“Don’t need to be gentle…. vampire… demon… pain, good… just give it to me! Right, god-damned, now!”



Heeding the directive, he stood and placed his almost painful hardness against the tight opening and began to push his hips slowly forward.



At the same time, Spike made his intention of not waiting for the grand finale clear by grinding his butt back and spearing himself onto Xan to the base of the mortal’s large penis with a howl of something that could have been pleasure or might have been pain, but was probably a combination of both.



Xander gasped air in huge gulps and desperately thought of the rules of framing a house as the feeling of slamming home where he most wanted to be was nearly enough to push him over the edge. When he felt he could continue without exploding (which wasn’t easy since Spike was still thrusting his own hips back and forth and taking the decision out of his hands) he gave him a powerful thrust that had the vampire flailing forward onto the table. Grabbing his hips, he began a rhythmic thrusting, as Spike’s hands first clawed at the table under them, before one of them vanished underneath him to jerk himself off.



The pressure was quickly building at the base of Xander’s groin and it was becoming more difficult to distract himself from the inevitable ending.



Not yet, not yet, not yet…, he chanted in his mind, but he could feel Hyena’s impatience with coming and it seemed to be cancelling out his attempts to stay in control.



Fortunately, in front of him, Spike’s head shot up and he wailed literally loud enough to leave a ringing in Xander’s ears as his body rocked spastically. It was nearly no time before he finally let go and allowed the building pressure to travel up his hardness and then he was grunting unintelligible noises against Spike’s back and feeling that wonderful sense of unthinking-unknowing that comes with a powerful orgasm.



As he lay against the vampire who was still drawing in harsh breaths of needless oxygen, he felt himself begin to soften and slip from his lover. His own breath was panting in and out at such a rate, that he was actually light-headed.



Finally, he pulled his sweat slicked skin from Spike’s and fell into a lean on the table. He didn’t have the chance to catch his breath, though, as Spike was almost immediately against him thrusting his tongue deep into his mouth.



“You did good, Xan… absolutely fucking good,” he grunted, before kissing him deeply again.



“Th-thanks,” he tried panting, “B-but, let me cool off and catch my breath before I pass out,” he laughed. “God, T-tara probably heard you over the vacuum,” he said, still hearing the woman going over the same area somewhere above their heads.



“Should be good for a laugh, seeing her turn red every time I glance in her direction for the next few weeks,” Spike smirked.



That received a light punch from Xander to his chest.



“Be nice to the woman,” he warned, all grins.



“Really, Xan… that was… that was something else. I know you were worried about it, but there wasn’t any need.”



“Maybe a little bit,” Xander shrugged good-naturedly. “But you make it easy to forget all about that. Of course, we’re now left with a small problem….”



“How’s that now?”



“I didn’t bring a change of clothes down here and we are, uh, messy. Tara is still up there….”



“If I wasn’t trying to be so nice, I’d march up there right now with no kit. Good thing for you, I don’t want to embarrass your butt.”



“What a gentleman,” Xander stated facetiously, still smiling. “Guess we’re just going to have to throw on what we got and I’ll, uh, have to suffer for the next few hours. At least until after I’m done with the lawn and can go shower. Not looking forward to working outside… it’s going to be a real hot one today.”



“It’s already been a hot one,” Spike smirked again, as they gathered up their clothes to make themselves presentable. “Here…,” he handed Xander a wash rag from the dirty clothes pile, “We can wash up with the laundry sink, so at least we won’t smell like sex upstairs, yeah?”



“I’m pretty sure that Tara thanks you.”






End Ch 3



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