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The Cost of Giles, ch 13 of xx ... continued

Chapter 13 - Continued...



Hyena saw the glass approaching in her flight and put her arms up in front of her face. She smashed through, feeling sharp pain in her hands and forearms. Moments later, she cleared the front porch and hit the ground hard, trying to roll with the impact and lessen the damage.



On the stairs, Tara and Willow heard Xander’s voice yell just before the front window exploded out into the night. Adam was charging up his dish, again, and the witches knew they were in trouble.



Brent, seeing Adam about to unleash another ice wave, and realizing he was the only vampire left, decided that this endeavor was no longer worth the risk. He wasn’t willing to risk his unlife going up against witches, and with them both still slinging magic around, he took the safer part of valor. Taking off down the hallway, he kicked out the back door and ran racing off into the night.



As Willow began to chant for a fireball to use against Adam, Tara sensed the Ice Spirit trapped inside him. She closed her own eyes and made contact.



The Spirit was a simple life. It didn’t have sentience, which made it easier for Tara to reach. She could feel its surroundings and felt the hardness of the gemstone it was trapped within. Tara chanted a spell to shatter stone and directed it at the prison of the Spirit.



At the same time, Aprilbot ran into the foyer from the living room. With Xander no longer a distraction, she scanned for the enemy vampire in the house.



Willow opened her eyes to find the Aprilbot standing nearby Adam. The small fireball in her palm began to grow hot and she knew she needed to get rid of it. Though it had been meant for Adam, she knew that Xander had been thrown through the front window. She didn’t know how badly they’d find him hurt, but she did know that April had been responsible for his panicked cry. She let loose with the flaming orb.



Tara felt the gemstone in Adam’s torso shatter. With a quick empathic projection, she informed the Ice Spirit that it was free.



Immediately, the little sprite jetted straight up out of the top of Adam’s head. In its wake, cold the likes of which few could survive streamed behind in its flight path. Adam jerked violently as all of his internal electronics froze on contact. The degraded flesh that had been left turned to blackened ice crystals. From his eye sockets, the ruin of his nose and his wide mouth, ice projected before beginning to blow out whole sections of his skull.



The Spirit, seeking the northern clime that was its home, flew out through the side of the Summers’ house, leaving ice build up on and inside of the walls.



In the meanwhile, the fire ball of Willow’s caught Aprilbot in the face, blowing off the robot’s head. The force of the blast blew April back into the living room and onto the couch. Her head, smoking and smoldering bounced onto the living room carpet and began melting a hole in it.



Tara and Willow glanced at each other. Both of them were huffing in large breaths of air.





Having recognized the form laying still on the lawn as Xander from Jan’s window, Dawn had dashed down the stairs. She hit the front door like a rocket, nearly falling down Jan’s front stairs in her hurry to get to her house.



Jan tried to follow, yelling after Dawn to be careful. They didn’t know what was going on at her house, but Jan knew that Sunnydale had had gang problems in the past. Dawn wasn’t listening to her, however.



Her sight of what was happening across the street was suddenly, abruptly cut off as the front door was slammed shut and her mother was grabbing her arms.



“Mom! Let go! I have to get over to Dawn’s!”



“You’re not going anywhere, young lady,” her father roared at her. On his face, she saw fear.



“It’s none of our business,” her mother told her. “Whatever is happening doesn’t concern us.”



“What?!” Jan shrieked and struggled against her mother’s grip, but she refused to let go. “We can’t just ignore this! Somebody could be hurt! I-I have to help Dawnie!”



As she struggled, her father shocked both her and her mother into silence by slapping her hard across the face. “You’re not getting involved,” he said with a note of desperation and, still, fear. “W-we-we’re not getting involved.”



Quickly, he went to the front window that looked out onto the street. He yanked the drapes shut and turned off the small table lamp there.



“Whatever trouble is going on out there, it’s none of our business,” he told her. “A-and I don’t want you seeing that Summers’ girl again!”



“Daddy,” Jan questioned. She’d never seen her parents act like this before. Sure, they were always uptight about being out after dark and they always wanted her to stay in a group when she wasn’t home by sundown, but this was a different freakage on a whole new level.



“I mean it,” he told her strictly. “Dawn’s relatives are obviously bad news. We don’t need that sort of trouble around here….”





In the front yard, the three ‘master criminals’ stood in shock, looking down at Xander’s bloody body.



“Oh… oh, my God,” Jon said. “This wasn’t supposed to happen,” he turned on Warren.



Warren stood looking down at Xander’s still body until he saw him starting to come around. His hands were awash in blood.



Andrew looked like he might want to vomit, but sighed in relief when they found that Buffy’s friend wasn’t dead.



“W-what’ll we do! W-we should run,” Andrew yelled.



And then he yelled again, this time startled, as he was tackled to the ground. A flurry of sharp jabs were landed on his head and a girl’s hysterical voice was ringing out into the night.



“You bastards! You bastards,” Dawn yelled as she pummeled Andrew.





In the living room, April’s decapitated body began to shoot sparks from her neck stump. Willow and Tara hurried down the stairs to first check on Spike (who was moaning and hissing in obvious pain) and then to make their way outside to check on Xander. As Willow gasped in surprise and Tara grimaced at the sight of Spike’s bare hand, makeshift club still clutched tightly, frozen to the floor, behind them, the sofa began to smolder. A breeze from outside carried the sounds of Dawn screaming, distracting them for a moment from Spike’s current torment. But then the curtains caught more sparks from the Aprilbot and began to burn.




End Ch 13




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