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Ch 17 of ?? - The Cost of Giles

The Cost of Giles

Ch 17 – Giles and Xander: They Aren’t Alright



Spike stood on the corner in the midst of thinning crowds. If only his heart had a beat, it would be slamming against his rib cage. He wasn’t unaware of the weirdness. Once upon a time he would have bagged a Slayer-friend in order to throw Buffy off her game. It would have made her vulnerable… it would have made her ripe for the kill. His third Slayer; the stories he would have told.


Now, she was dead, as was her mother and something inside him hurt every day knowing this fact. And, Xander? Well, the thought of what he’d have to go through if his Hyena spirit did something… unfortunate… to the Geek Squad… it hurt, too. Obviously, he was a defective vampire… the Judge had been right, he was still too human by half, Damn-It.


Taking a deep breath, he could pick out several scents. He ignored those he didn’t recognize easily enough. They were prey. Any time in the past, he’d have been all over those… looking to do what vampires did… enjoying something not animal. Humans tasted best, they always had. That’s why Fangs always went for the human meat.


These were different times though. His mind immediately honed in on that which he sought. He could smell Xander far too clearly, and for just a moment he hoped that the human was back in control. But, opening his eyes, he found himself looking at the sidewalk. And there, nearly glowing to his vampiric night vision, were drops of Xan’s blood. Hyena was still bleeding from Xander’s injuries, leaving a trail to be followed.


Thank you all the forces of Light and Dark that it’s minor bleeding, he thought momentarily. And then, the smells of the other two were mingling with his lover’s in the air. Fuck. He’s found them… SHE’s found them. Don’t do it…!





“Sorry, it’s been a really chaotic night,” Tara shrugged at the stranger in their midst. He was obviously not human, and this worried her.


“Okay, so Giles,” Willow added, now that Dawnie had gone and the detective they’d been forced into taking into their confidence was at his car.


“I fear for Sunnydale,” Alican stated. “I have been searching for a very long time for a tome. A… family heirloom, you could say. I have sensed it here in your town, and I fear it can only bring bad news to you, and uh, the Slayer,” he added, with a look at the dysfunctional robot. “Only Giles can help me retrieve this item. And I fear it may be too late,” he stated with a note of worry. He was staring out of the broken doorway to the outside, where the weather was rapidly turning worse.


“W-well, we’ll help… uh, I guess,” Tara stated, still unsure of what they were doing. She looked to Willow to see if this was something they should get involved in.



“We can take you to Giles,” Willow added with authority. “We’ll take Joyce’s Jeep. Grab the keys, Sweetheart,” she said to Tara, sending her to the kitchen. “In the meantime, I have to try to locate a friend,” she told the wizard.


Closing her eyes, she focused her will on Alexander Harris. Unfortunately, she couldn’t reach him before Tara came back. She didn’t know if this was due to Hyena being in charge, her own lack of ability, or the interference of the storm that was whipping up. She feared it was the storm. She was annoyed that she couldn’t just cast a proper locator spell, but things were moving quickly. She just hoped that Spike could take care of Xander, while they helped to squelch whatever this new, sudden crisis was. In the back of her mind, she realized that the brewing storm outdoors was very familiar to Giles’ tempest when he went after Glory. Since this thought scared her so, she refused to recognize it.


“Here’s the keys! But what about Rick and the robots… and geez, this mess,” Tara exclaimed on returning.


“Later,” Willow yelled emphatically. The trio ran for the Jeep Cherokee, which hadn’t been driven since Joyce’s death. Rick was running back toward the entrance to the Summers’ house, but they didn’t stop to fill him in.





Across town, Julie Marcom lay in bed, tossing and turning. She was upset about what she’d witnessed that night, and yet, she seemed to not be able to get her mind off that old bat, Mrs. Mills. The old lady was a pain in the ass to the whole neighborhood.


Somebody should do something about her, she thought distractingly. A-and the slime-bags she has living over there.


With an annoyed sigh, she rolled onto her back and took a few deep breaths. But it didn’t stop the voice in her mind enflaming the… hatred… she felt toward the old bitch.





In Giles’ apartment, a scowl played across his face. His eyes were closed, but under the lids, they were completely black. He was puzzled… and disturbed.


There was something… something that was warning him of danger. He didn’t know what had happened at his former Slayers’, but whatever had caused the disruption he’d felt, it was sending off warning bells in his mind.


“Let the folds of time create a barrier,” he intoned, in Turkish. The dark power welled up within him and he felt the universe around him screech in torment. He smiled. In his hands, the ‘Book of Midnight’ seemed to nearly hum, feeding his feeling of being able to do anything. He thought of what he could do once he’d taken care of whatever was causing his current unease. The power he could wield would make him a king among men… a god.





In the Jeep, the rain battered the windshield as Tara, driving barely ten miles an hour, struggled to see through the rain. The wipers were on high, but they were nearly useless. In addition to the sudden onslaught of water, the wind threatened to grab the steering wheel from her hands at any moment.


“God, this weather is awful,” she said worriedly.


Next to her, Willow was turned toward the back seat. “I think you’d better tell us what’s going on,” she directed at the non-human in their back seat.


He sighed briefly. “I am seeking a tome, I told you,” he said. “It is a… rather embarrassing mistake from my great, great grandfather. I seek to… remove it… from existence. It started as pain and will remain so until it is destroyed,” he stated with no further explanation.


“And what makes you think Giles can help,” Willow asked.


“He is a Watcher. They have resources. If someone is using the damnable writ, he will help me find and secure it.”


Above the vehicle inching through the horrible night, lightning began to flash.





Spike stood several dozen yards away from a hulking, dark form. In the brilliant flashes of lightning, he could make out an abandoned factory of some sort. He’d lost the scents he sought only moments before, but instinct told him that he’d found what he was hunting, anyway.


A flash of lightning had him duck down an instant as he felt the electricity in the air. He was soaked down to the skin by the pounding rain and the wind was throwing loose leaves into his face.


Still, he remained focused on his target. Perhaps he would have recognized the magic in the air, but with his mind on his mortal lover’s welfare, the raging storm around him simply didn’t occur to him.


With a prayer to no one in particular that he wouldn’t be too late, he ran for the shadow of a doorway.





Many blocks away, Giles stood in the middle of his living room. He could feel a threat, though he couldn’t ascertain where it was coming from.


He glanced at the dark pages of suffering he held in his hand, and smiled.


No matter, he thought arrogantly. I am supreme.





Only minutes before, Hyena-Xander had tracked down her prey… Warren first, and the other skinny one, Andrew… Andy… whatever.


Now she stood glaring coldly at the two humans.


“Xander! H-how did you find us,” Andrew screeched. He was bleeding from the side of his face where his skin had split open and was leaning against a work bench.


When he’d landed after using Jonathon’s inventive ‘bionic/jet boots’, he managed to hit a car rather hard. He had tears running from his eyes as he tried not to act wimpy from the pain. It was so important that Warren know he could count on him, after Jon had abandoned them earlier.


“Bad move,” Warren yelled at Xander, having no clue what he was actually facing. With no weapons to hand, he was on adrenaline and machismo. “You should have brought a witch or two, Dickweed,” he laughed nervously.


In truth, something about Harris was making him uneasy. It may have been the look on his face, or the stance of his body… something seemed ‘off’’ with him to Warren; something dangerous in a way he’d never worried about Xander, before.


“Willow and Tara would have gotten in the way,” Xander said with a creepy growl. “And we wouldn’t want them interfering, now would we?”


“Interfering with what,” Andy asked, almost desperately afraid.


“With my killing you,” Hyena grinned.





End Ch 17



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