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After 314 part 3 of 6

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Spoiler Alert: There are tidbits from past episodes and especially BTVS: Primeval.

Notes: Story number One in the Spanderverse-universe. This is VERY Riley-centric. This story has 6 chapters.

Everything from the television series through the defeat of Adam also occurred as depicted, in the Spanderverse.

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Spanderverse: After 314


Note: I used some adult language in this chapter. Read responsibly.

The point of view in this story shifts between Alan Mason & Jacqueline Alvarez.


Chapter 3: Mason’s New Recruit




Mason and Alvarez climbed the first, short, flight of stairs toward the upper reaches of the Initiative. As they reached the first landing they spotted another body, adding to Mason’s mental count. This would be number eight that he and Alvarez had passed. Glancing down, he saw it was a woman… one of the scientists by the way she was dressed. Her name tag read: DANICA. She had two puncture marks clearly visible on her neck with a few trickles of dried blood that had run toward the floor of the landing she lay upon. Mason glanced at Alvarez to see how the recruit was managing. He was impressed with what he saw, she didn’t look the least bit phased by what they had seen, just watchful and cautious.


Jacqueline Alvarez joined the military seven short months ago and this was her first “real” mission. She knew when she became an enlisted man that a lot of the dirt-jobs would fall on her shoulders, but this was something else. From the time she had stepped out of the elevator shaft and had seen the bodies strewn around her she had slipped into robot mode. Jacquie was a paramedic before she decided to enter the military and she’d been to more then a few gruesome scenes. She’d found early on that the way to deal was to not deal, so to speak. Everything was on auto-pilot and that way you didn’t have to deal with emotional breakdowns, or sick stomachs or jumping nerves. You just shutdown the more human parts of yourself and focused entirely on what you had to do the next second after this one, and the next after that one. One step at a time until it was over and then you could go through the shakes and the barfing.


Alvarez looked down at the pale woman before her. She had been pretty, even with the thick dork-glasses she wore. Her brown eyes were half-open, but she wasn’t seeing anything anymore. Her dark chestnut brown hair was worn in a bun the way Alvarez used to wear her own hair before she’d just cut it all off. Now Jacquie’s hair was more of a helmet that sat on her head than an actual hair style.


She leaned down toward the body, glancing up the next flight of stairs for hostile activity as she did so. Noting nothing above her, she placed two fingers on the carotid artery of the body. She didn’t expect a pulse, it was pretty clear this lady was dead, but habit had her checking for vitals anyway. Feeling nothing but cool skin, as she had expected, she lifted the corpses glasses and thumbed the eyelids closed the rest of the way.


As she returned to a standing position, she noticed Mason watching her. If your looking for me to upchuck, this ain’t nothing compared to some of the auto accidents I’ve picked through, she thought. Aloud she just said, “Vampire?”


Mason shook his head in the affirmative. He quickly kneeled beside the prone form and slipped a holy wafer into her mouth. He then stepped past her body and Alvarez. He mounted the next flight of stairs without a word. As she fell in behind him, she could feel the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end.


Vampires! I suddenly feel like we should be calling in Dr. Van Helsing to take care of this mess. Jacquie continued to follow him up the next flight of stairs. As they reached the top, she saw over his shoulders that there was a catwalk suspended above the floor below and circling around the wall to her right for thirty feet or so.


She tried to move quietly, but the catwalk was steel and she couldn’t completely silence her footfalls. Mason also appeared to be struggling to keep quiet as they walked toward the first body of two.


The man on the floor had his eyes closed and was far more peaceful looking than the lady they just left. He was probably in his 40s with a bit of a paunch around the middle. His hair was dark and slicked back with gel. It was apparent from his uniform that he also wasn’t military. He had been a civilian engineer, judging by his grey overalls. His name patch stated that this used to be O’NEILL. Alvarez could see a simple gold band on his left hand and idly wondered what the government would tell his widow.


Mason gave her a short nod in the direction of the other body on the walkway. As she moved past him to check on that corpse, she saw him reaching into his bag of holy wafers again.


She walked in a cautious crouch with her gun ready toward the second corpse. It was lying in a sitting position just outside of a corridor leading deeper into the rock face. She didn’t need a superior to tell her that it was possible that this was a set up for an ambush from anything waiting in the corridor.


Even being prepared, she nearly lost her head when a heavily furred claw swung at her from the corridor. She barely ducked lower to miss the full swing of the creature, but the top of her head was still hit by a meaty fist and she felt herself flying downward into the steel walkway. Even as she hit the steel grate under her, she was twisting her body to get her rifle pointed at her target.




Mason was just completing the placing of the wafer into the engineer’s throat when his peripheral vision caught Alvarez diving into a crouch. Looking up and already raising his gun, he saw her sprawl out onto the walkway. He admired that she was already in a position to fire, when the report of three shots sounded around him. The creature, and he couldn’t remember what this one was called, was huge.


Easily standing over 7-foot and probably in the neighborhood of 300 pounds, it looked like a shaggy, rust-colored behemoth. The three slugs from Alvarez appeared to hit it as it stumbled backward, but then it just roared and began to charge toward her. He stood up and released a round of his own at the creature’s head, hitting it squarely in the back of its skull. The animal gave a surprised whine and then pitched over right toward the prone form of his fellow soldier.


He rushed forward to grab the critter before it could tumble on top of her, even knowing he’d never be able to hold its dead weight. He didn’t make it far.


As he began to pass in front of the corridor, he wasn’t paying heed to anything but stopping the demon from falling on the woman struggling to roll out of the way. A heavily booted foot came out of the corridor’s entrance, catching him full in the face.


Mason’s gun flew out of his hands as he fell back, it now being his turn to slam into the steel-grated walkway. He felt the air leave his lungs in a mighty ‘whoosh’ and his face felt broken just before the back of his head slammed against the flooring of the walkway.


His viewpoint shrunk in seconds to a pinpoint of pain as the world around him grayed out. He knew he couldn’t afford to black out, but the force of the kick to his face and the hardness of the metal meeting his head had him stunned. As he struggled to clear his head, he heard Alvarez scream his name and then an animal growl followed by a nasty laugh.




Jacqueline was lying prone on the floor of the steel walkway watching as a towering shag carpet came falling toward her. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. The towering monster was falling… falling… closer and closer toward her, but he was going so slowly that it didn’t seem he’d ever reach her.


She was moving just as slowly, she realized. She was trying desperately to roll her body out of the way of the creature, but she didn’t seem to be moving fast enough. In fact, a sudden and bizarre image of the ‘Bionic Woman’ flashed through her mind.


Here I am, Bionic Soldier, rolling out of the way in slow motion.


Alvarez had just stopped herself from laughing hysterically at the image, when time seemed to snap to normal. One second she was rolling toward the wall, the next she was face first into it and there was a tremendous bang behind her. There wasn’t room for both her and the monster to lie down though, so her body was still supporting some of the creature’s weight, effectively pinning her down.


She struggled against the weight, and was craning her head up to tell Mason that she was alright, when she heard a second bang further down the walkway from where she lay gasping.


Craning her head with renewed vigor, she saw him lying on the floor. Between them stood a man dressed in an orange jumpsuit. She screamed out to Mason then, and the ‘man’ turned around to reveal it wasn’t a man at all. Oh, it looked pretty human, but the face was distorted and its eyes were yellow and menacing. From its open mouth projected two canine fangs and it was doing a weird combination of hissing and laughing at her predicament.


As she struggled more violently to get the behemoth’s weight off of her, the vampire strode toward her.


“Shit!” she yelled, knowing she wasn’t doing well at getting unpinned. She looked desperately behind the vampire, but Mason was still struggling to pull himself together after his tumble to the floor.


Looking back at the vampire now towering over her, laughing at her, she felt really afraid for the first time since the assignment started.


Mary, mother of God, please grant me an opportunity here. Just give me an opening and I may live through this yet, she thought.


The vampire effortlessly rolled the bugbear on top of her off, then reached down and grabbed her before she could move away. Lifting her by her camo-armor, he laughed again in her face. His breath was fetid and foul. She found herself gagging at it, it was so putrid. He pulled her in even closer, her toes a good two inches off of the ground.


“Well, well, little chica. Looks like you got yourself into a mess now, doesn’t it? I gotta tell you girlie, I’m pretty full. I don’t know if I got enough room left to eat another bite. You look so good though… be a shame to just let you go”, this last was followed by a chuckle.


“Tell you what, maybe I’ll just throw you over the side, huh? See if your big-bad-ass self bounces or not? ‘Course I could just eat a bit more maybe, maybe even feed you a bit from me, turn you. What’d you say to that? Would you like to be immortal, little chica? Of course, I’d be your Sire… it’d mean doing what I say to do. And you know what, I can come up with a lot of things I’d love to do to a hot, little cunt like you.” The sneer on his face made Jacquie want to bash his nose in, but she stayed calm instead.


While he was busy ‘intimidating’ her, Alvarez was pulling a short, but sharply pointed stake out from under her armor. She had taped it to the small of her back after the briefing she had received about the ‘demon’ she’d be facing. It seemed at the time that if you were actually going to be facing vampires, of all things, you should have a stake handy.


Smiling at him now, she said in her most disarming voice, “You know what I really think? That first of all, you need a toothbrush stat. Secondly, that you should EAT THIS YOU SON OF A BITCH!"


She jabbed savagely with her stake right into the vampire’s heart. In shock, he released her and looked down at the wood protruding from his chest. His head came back up and he locked his eyes on Alvarez. His hands came up and wrapped around her throat, but they were already disintegrating, along with the rest of him to dust.


She waved the air in front of her, trying to keep from breathing in the vampire’s remains. She looked over at Mason, to see him sitting up again. He looked a bit the worse for wear, but didn’t appear to be about to pass out, to her.


She quickly grabbed up her rifle and pointed it toward the corridor entrance but it was empty. Returning to the second corpse, she gingerly tugged at the red-haired man’s collar looking for the tell tale marks of the vampire. Seeing these, and feeling how cool the man’s skin was, she didn’t bother looking in vain for a pulse.


“We’ll need another wafer over here,” she called over to Mason.


“That was really nice work. I’m glad someone was paying attention in briefing. You may be the only one, our superiors at the base included, who thought a wooden stake might be appropriate,” he returned as he struggled up to his feet.


“Thanks, sir.” She offered up a silent thank you to Mary as well. It looked like her prayer was answered once again. “You gonna be ok, or should we head back to the exit? Maybe you should return to the surface.”


“Nah. I’m alright. I’ve had after-bender mornings that made me feel worse than this.”


Alvarez had taken up station just inside the corridor by this time. It was a simple tunnel with a large open doorway at the end about twelve or fifteen feet away. “Alright, but if you start feeling wonky, let me know. Don’t be a hero just to show up the girl.”


“I have a feeling it’d take more than ignoring a concussion to show you up. Other than a hell of a headache, I’m ok. No dizziness, no sick to the stomach feelings.”


She took a quick glance at him before returning her attention to the corridor. He did look alright, she concluded. He wasn’t pale and there was no sweaty sheen to his skin. She’d keep half an eye on him anyway, but it appeared that a concussion wasn’t going to be an issue.


“Thanks for taking the big ape down for me, before it managed to take off a limb or three,” she said to him.


“Hey, fellow soldier and all that shit. It doesn’t need thanking for.”


While Alvarez advanced a few more feet down the corridor, eyes scanning the walls and ceiling, Mason shoved a Holy Communion wafer down the second victim’s throat. When he had rejoined her, they moved cautiously down the rest of the corridor without any incident.


When they were a half-foot from the doorway in front of them, he placed a hand on her upper arm stopping her. Looking over at him, she watched him make a series of hand signs, telling her silently what his plan was.


When they reached the doorway, she watched his fingers as he counted to three. On the stroke of three, she rushed in and immediately crouched on the left of the doorway, while he mirrored her moves on the right side.


Once in the room, Jacqueline swept the central console station with her weapon, but it was clear, assuming that something wasn’t crouched down behind it.


She brought her weapon back to her left to sweep her side of the room when she froze. Not a sound escaped her lips, and to her credit she didn’t immediately vomit, but she also didn’t move a muscle. She just stared in mounting horror at what awaited them.




Mason swept from the central console as he stormed the room to the right. As he came down on one knee, his weapon followed his line of sight. First, his gun swept toward the banks of dials and blinking lights along the far right wall. Then up to the ceiling where air vents were located, and finally down toward the floor. Nothing moved and this side of the room was clear.


He glanced over at Alvarez to see if she had completed a visual sweep of the left side of the room and found her staring with her mouth wide open. She had significantly paled and there were tears moistening her cheeks. Glancing past her he saw what had placed her in such a state.


The demons had had their fun in this room. Hanging off of the floor, strung in the doorway between the engineering section they were in now and the environment monitoring section that opened off of engineering was strung a body by cabling. The body was dressed in the remains of a green jumpsuit, the standard uniform for the environmental monitoring personnel in the base. He hadn’t had a lot of reason to come up here while in the Initiative, but he had had the opportunity to say hello to a few of the civilian contractors they had working here. He couldn’t remember the woman’s name, and most of her face was missing, but he could recognize her sweeping, strawberry-blonde hair. That hair was stained with blood and was hanging to her slim waistline.


Her waistline itself was missing. Or to be more accurate, the contents of that waist, her intestines, were looped around her on the floor. They trailed up her legs and into the abdominal cavity that had been ripped open to allow them to escape. The color of what remained of her face was completely white as all the blood had pooled around her and ran back into environmental monitoring. Environmental lay at a slight gradient to engineering and the blood naturally followed gravity.


Mason was positive he didn’t want to enter the room that this cadaver was blocking entrance too. It was obvious that floor would be awash in gore.


The most horrible part of the tableau before him, however, was the contorted way her muscles had seized up in her death throes. She had managed to tangle herself up in the cable they had used to bind her and her limbs were splayed in every direction. It was clear she had been alive when the ‘fun’ had started.


Mason tore his gaze away to check on Alvarez. She looked calmly back at him, the shock having passed, but her eyes were still glazed with unshed tears she was holding back. She gave him a weak nod of acknowledgement and then started to duck-walk close to the floor toward the body and whatever horror was beyond.


He took a few seconds to admire the strength of this woman he was paired with, and then followed behind her. He knew their unit’s future, the one that was formed as a part of the Initiative, was still in question. He knew that they may simply be split up and fielded out to be regular soldiers. But he also knew that if the unit remained in some form of special ops to fight the Sub-Ts, he was going to make sure that Specialist Jacqueline Alvarez was invited to join the new group. The woman had balls and with Riley probably staying on in Sunnydale, they’d need a replacement they could count on.


As she approached the body, Alvarez jumped up to her feet and brought the stock of her rifle up to her shoulder. Mason immediately followed suit, though he didn’t know what exactly Alvarez was reacting to yet.


Circling around behind her to get a better look over her shoulder, he could see one of the most repulsive sights he’d seen yet in this house of horrors.


Before him were three vampires. All were dressed in Initiative clothing. Two were former scientists and one used to be an Initiative soldier, Jerry Cardwell. They were on their hands and knees, their faces pressed to the floor, lapping up the sticky and almost dry blood from the floor.


“Jesus H. Christ!”  Mason yelled into the room. The vampires immediately leapt to their feet, a feral and hungry look in their eyes. He took a step back and began to circle to the right. Moving backward to what would lead to behind the engineer’s console; he took up position to fight. He placed his rifle down on the console table and replaced it with the super-soaker of holy water he’d been issued. His peripheral vision caught Alvarez standing “in front” of the console across from him. She still had her rifle and was taking a shooting stance, aiming for the doorway.


A male scientist that Mason could barely recall having seen before was the first to barrel through the body in front of the doorway, ripping it and the cabling holding it up and letting both fall to the floor in a heap.


Mason let loose with the super-soaker, but the vampire dodged to its right launching itself at Alvarez. The female scientist directly behind the male did take a full load to the face and in a screaming blaze of steam, quickly fell away to ash.


When what-used-to-be-Jerry didn’t also come out, he slowly approached the doorway. He looked over to his left to see Alvarez in hand to hand with the vampire scientist. He performed a quick mental calculation and decided that if he took the chance of turning to shoot the holy water at the vamp-scientist, it would give too large an opening to not-Jerry to fang him from behind. Making sure that she was holding her own; he turned his attention back to the doorway and approached more quickly to end the suspense.




Alvarez had assumed a shooting stance with the rifle fitted squarely against her shoulder. Her legs were slightly parted and she was staring down the sight of the rifle. She knew just from the brief view she’d had of the vampire’s eyes that they were hungry as hell. There was no way they weren’t going to come rushing through that entranceway. A quick glance at Mason showed her that he’d replaced his rifle with the holy-water shooter they’d been issued.


Alvarez’s own water pistol was a suddenly obtrusive weight tied to her back over her body armor.


You shoulda thought of that, dammit, her inner voice told her.


It was right too, she knew that her rifle wasn’t going to be much good against this particular enemy. It was too late to fumble with a switch of weapons though, and she reminded herself to aim for their face. Not even a vampire was going to be in fighting shape if it didn’t have eyes to see with.


When the first creature, a guy, came bursting through the strung up body she immediately squeezed the trigger of her gun. Unfortunately, the vampire was in the midst of a dodge from Mason’s water stream and he had launched himself right at her.


She was slammed to the floor for the second time in the past half hour, but this time the opponent on top of her was far lighter. He also hadn’t expected to collide with someone and he was a tangle of limbs trying to find his footing.


Jacqueline took full advantage of the fact to get a booted foot under the monster’s chest and gave him a shove. As he went flying back against the wall abutting the entranceway it had tore through, she was already leaping up to her feet. She reached around behind her to pull the water-shooter, but the vamp recovered quicker than she’d anticipated. As she brought the gun around, it was kicked from her grasp and went flying up and behind her head to hit the floor there.


She could hear the gun slide along the floor for several feet before stopping. Her rifle, which she’d lost a grip on as she fell, was lying in the entranceway that her and Mason had come through to enter engineering. It was a good foot away from her and she figured it was a slim chance in hell that the vampire would patiently wait for her to retrieve either weapon. That left one choice: hand to hand. She regretted that she had only packed the one stake, a stake that was now ash with the vampire she’d used it on. As she assumed a combat position, she tried to gauge the weaknesses in her opponent.


The problem was, the briefing she’d been given didn’t really cover a vampire’s preferred fighting styles. She knew it was stronger than she was, and the way that it evaded Mason’s water gun blast meant it was pretty quick. Was it supernaturally fast though? Could she have dodged the holy water too in its shoes? She didn’t know.


On the good side, she thought, I’ve been trained in hand to hand. This putz was an engineer. Unless it excelled in karate at the Y, I should be able to kick its ass.


The vampire made a few feints in her direction, but was obviously sizing her up as well. Alvarez knew that she needed to remember that whatever it was, it wasn’t just a mindless animal. It could think, it could probably anticipate her moves if she telegraphed them too far in advance of her actions.


The seconds ticked by while she and the vamp danced around each other before Alvarez thought, Fuck It. I’m going in!


Launching herself at the beast with a cry of, she hoped, fury, she landed a few quick blows with her fists to its face before it began to block her. When it returned a professional-looking snap-kick to the side of her head, she knew she was in trouble.


What Specialist Alvarez couldn’t know, what the army didn’t know, was that vampires were ‘born’ with the innate sense of combat already established in the demon that took over their human hosts. Engineer Thomas Caine Heldago didn’t need to know martial arts, because the nameless demon that infected him via his Sire’s blood feeding already did.


As the toe-steel boot of the engineer connected with the side of her head, Alvarez’s combat training took over and allowed her to roll with the hit. She could already feel the knot starting to form where the boot connected, but she stayed conscious and on her feet.


As she spun to the side away from the vampire, she could almost physically feel it behind her going to reach for her. Quickly, without bothering to think about options, she reared her elbow up and back, spinning on the balls of her feet at the same time. The elbow connected solidly with a satisfying crunch and the vampire stumbled back screeching in pain.


She took the distraction to shake off the remaining effects of the blow to her head and resumed a kick boxer’s stance in front of her opponent. The former-engineer glared at her, blood running down its face from the smashed nose it sported. It hissed at her, like some overgrown cat on two legs, and then launched itself at her again.


Alvarez brought her foot up into a round house kick that caught the vampire in the jaw and sent him flying across the room toward the banks of dials and flashing lights on the wall. It crashed heavily onto the floor and scant seconds later began thrashing about and screaming in agony. Before Jacquie could figure out what the hell was happening, the vampire burst into the now familiar ash-storm and was gone.


She took a step toward where the vamp had fallen and saw her holy-water shooter, now smashed, with a pool of water on the floor under it. The vampire’s weight had crushed the water reservoir and doused the hellish thing with holy water. Jacquie turned her eyes heavenward and mouthed a silent “thank you” to whoever was looking after her and then ran toward the environmental monitoring room. As she reached it, she pulled up short, seeing Mason standing covered in blood. No sign of the third vampire showed.



The same time Alvarez was in her fight to the death….


Mason practically ran to the doorway. Not seeing the vampire in front of him, he figured that it was waiting against the wall on one side of the doorway. He was faced with the prospect of standing there in a Mexican standoff, abandoning the entranceway and joining Alvarez in fighting off her opponent, or leaping through the doorway.


In less time then it took to think through his options he had already made his choice. He’d leap through the doorway, do a quick spin, and fire the water-gun at anything that moved. If it was human (fat chance!) it’d be wet, but no worse for wear, while if it was vampire, it would be crispy despite the wetness of the water.


He took a deep breath even as he was in mid-air through the doorway. Landing in the sticky, tacky blood covering the floor, he spun around but never got to fire the water gun. He, like Alvarez, was unfamiliar with the rapidity that vampires were capable of hand to hand combat. In addition, this vampire had the memories of the human it used to be assimilated into its own knowledge and it used to be a soldier itself.


The vampire, with its keener eyesight, had already taken note of Mason’s leaped entrance, had anticipated his landing, had noted the holy-water gun in the human’s grip, and moved with preternatural speed to meet the challenge.


By the time that Mason had spun around the vampire was on top of his position. With a quick wrenching movement, the gun was grasped from the human’s grip and sent flying back out into engineering where it slid unnoticed under the console.


Used-to-be-Jerry then followed up with a head butt to Mason’s face that had him gasping in pain. He could feel at least two teeth break off in his mouth and the vampire was still in control of the fight. It swung him around and off the floor before letting loose of its grip.


He flew into a far wall with a bone-rattling crash that had him grateful for the body armor he wore. Pushing against the wall to regain his feet, Mason launched himself at his foe using a flurry of punching motions.


The vampire easily blocked these, and returned with a raking motion of its fingers toward Mason’s eyes, ready to claw them out. He followed the movement of the hooked fingers and before he consciously realized the vampire’s goal, he’d already pulled his head back and to the side. The claws of the vampire raked across his right face and nose slicing cleanly into his skin and starting a flow of blood down his face.


Not-Jerry pushed his attack with a few kicks into Mason’s abdomen, but these were largely absorbed by the body armor the soldier wore. This allowed him to shrug the blows off and concentrate on going on the offensive again.


Grabbing the vamp’s leg on an attempted kick, he spun not-Jerry away from him. Taking two large strides toward the vampire, following him, he returned a kick of his own to the beast’s back. The vampire was thrown forward, further off balance, where it bounced into another wall. This time when Mason approached, it lashed out with a back kick that caught him in the groin. He went down to the floor but even as he struggled to ignore the pain, he was rolling away from the vamp’s follow up assault.


The vamp howled in rage as its attempt to stomp on Mason’s neck with a heavy boot met only floor.


“Quit fighting the inevitable Mase…drag this out, and I’m just going to make you suffer more,” the creature with Jerry’s face yelled at him.


“Oh, please, Jerry. You were always such a lame-ass!”


Not-Jerry hissed at him and charged, hitting Mason like a linebacker sacking a quarterback. The soldier tried to roll with it, but his head hit a computer station and opened a wide gash in his forehead. Blood rushed into his left eye, sticky and thick, making it impossible to see anything out of it. He ignored it as best as he could, concentrating on faux-Jerry’s hands which were snaking their way up to his throat.


The vampire was lying across him, pinning him to the floor, while its hands tightened on his throat. He didn’t waste the strength grabbing the vampire’s wrists. Instead he balled up his fists and hit the monster in the head, each fist connecting solidly with the creature’s ears. The vampire reacted exactly as Mason had been hoping, rearing up with a roar, and grabbing the sides of its head in pain.


He followed this up with a double-fisted swing into the side of the vamp’s face, knocking him off. As the demon swung around on his knees to clutch at him, the soldier grabbed his boot knife and slashed the vampire in the throat. The sharp knife sliced through the thing’s throat like butter and Mason was ‘rewarded’ with a torrent of blood-spray across his face and down his body.


He didn’t know how quick the vampire would heal from the wound, or if it would be fatal. During his time at the Initiative he’d see demons come out of the scientist’s experiments looking pretty beat up, but a few days later they were good as new.


Taking control of the battle and ready to end it now, he pushed the vamp onto the floor and straddled him across the waist. With his knife he stabbed and hacked at the thing’s chest, feeling bits of bone break and fly over his hands. He did this for nearly a minute and then the heart was being cut to ribbons.


He didn’t stop hacking until the vampire gave a jerk and then disintegrated under him.


Standing up, he remembered Alvarez and the engineer-vamp. He was just turning to rush toward the entranceway, when his teammate was there in the door staring back at him.


“Damn, but you look like complete mierda,” she said to him.


“I’m going to pretend you just told me I look completely hot. Just go with it.”


She laughed at him, but then her eyes grew serious again. “You look like your bleeding pretty good from your head.”


“It’s just a gash. Minor, but bleeds like a damn artery. We’re done here. Let’s finish the sweep of the three offices off of the walkway near the end of the catwalk and we’ll call it a day.”


Alvarez looked at him a bit doubtfully, “We should get you to the elevator entrance on main floor and get you up and out. You can’t see out of your left eye and I know my anatomy; that cut on your head needs stitches.”


Mason wiped the blood out of his face as well as he could and slapped a hand to put pressure on the still bleeding head wound. “We only got three offices, which will be empty, to check; then we’re out of here. That’s an order Specialist.”


“Yes, Sir,” Alvarez returned, but there was a definite and purposeful sigh in her voice. Unspoken, but clear, was that she thought that was a really stupid way to go.


Rather than being pissed though, he was glad in a funny way. He’d been right about her. When they were in the thick of things, she’d follow orders, but she wouldn’t be an automaton. She’d make sure that they knew what her opinion was, even if she did have to swallow the acerbic remark no doubt dancing on the tip of her tongue.


Mason retrieved both his rifle and the water-shooter. Alvarez stooped to grab her rifle from the floor, at the same time pointing out the remains of her own water-blaster. They exited back down the corridor leading to engineering, and then explored the rest of the catwalk. At the end were three “offices”, to be generous. They were more like cubicles and barely had room for a small desk, a chair, and one person. As Mason had predicted, there was no other activity.


When they returned to the main staging area outside of the elevator, he had her report their condition. As he began the ascent, Alvarez reported their kill ratios and he heard Riley acknowledge her report. He felt the tug on the cable when she started climbing up after him.




End Chapter 03


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  • After 314, Part 6 of 6

    Disclaimer: Legal stuff, don't own characters, haven't made any money, this is for entertainment purposes, no profit earned, lawyers go away. –…

  • After 314, Part 5 of 6

    Disclaimer: Legal stuff, don't own characters, haven't made any money, this is for entertainment purposes, no profit earned, lawyers go away. –…

  • After 314, Part 4 of 6

    Disclaimer: Legal stuff, don't own characters, haven't made any money, this is for entertainment purposes, no profit earned, lawyers go away. –…

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